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    I am an Entrepreneur in the Advertising Industry, and I have spent the past 8 Months or so turning over every rock to to find funding for a new Tech Startup. All of the private investors that I speak with, are more than Happy to get in as long as they are 50% owners. Due to the vision I have for this project, ownership is not something I am willing to part with at this time. Maybe after the company is launched and ready to take Public on the Stock Market, but at this time, there are too many factors to consider, and running decisions by a partner will only delay my decisions being made.

    Anytime someone says 'I could make a lot of money with my own Blockchain Network', they assume you are speaking of making another Cryptocurrency, which is hit and miss from my observations and keeping up with the various CryptoCurrency on the market... Like ADZCoin, I want my project to focus on the Advertising Industry, but I want to take a different approach that allows my Company to Work with ADZ, allowing both Networks to build based on the activity and growth of the other.

    There are countless business Strategies in the advertising and marketing industry, countless in the realm of internet marketing alone. and all of these very lucrative if done correctly.... the biggest issue, not counting outright scams, is that several payment processors, such as Paypal, for example, believes that being lucrative and only work 1 way... If you are an active member and supporter of ADZ then you believe that these Processors are out of their minds, that when we spend money we should be allowed to make money, and that a company should be allowed to pay whomever they wish for services rendered any value that said company wishes to pay.

    This is where my Company comes in... My Blockchain would provide a stable fiat Value, I am debating between setting a Value based on the BTC Satoshi or US Penny [American Company], the Crypto Token Value would be generated on Purchase rather than through Miners work. Allowing Payments made Via various processors.


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    what your company even called?
    Check out my communities:


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      i am still debating on the name for the Block Chain Network company but it will be a Subsidiary of my primary company whicb is presently in tue process of upgradong from Freelance to LLC status.