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  • blocked referrals

    what are the common grounds being blocked? How to unblocked?

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    They probably entered the wrong password more than 5 times. This is a security to avoid hackers from trying to access your account. Accounts are blocked only 30 minutes then they are unblocked again. This is mentioned when this happens.
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      thank you for the quick responce Jens.. in case it is still blocked what would be the process of unblocking that account?


      • camohitmishra
        camohitmishra commented
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        "Accounts are blocked only 30 minutes then they are unblocked again"

        You dont need to do anything as after 30min it will be unblocked again.

      • edg24
        edg24 commented
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        then why is it still blocked.. many hours already have past..thats why im asking in behalf of my refered person

      • ahsanulkhan
        ahsanulkhan commented
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        edg24 contact support on their behalf

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      edg24 If an account is not unblocked after 30 min, it means it was blocked by Support and in this case your referral needs to submit a Support Ticket