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  • Earning Pools Breakdown

    Publishers, Basic Members, Referring Members do earn in ADZbuzz for free every single day that there's enough profit to distribute. And those who have ADZ enabled for DFY earns even more.

    We have two earning groups paid in ADZ: Regular and DFY. Regular earnings are divided into 7 pools while DFY into 3.

    Regular Pools:

    1. Publishers Pool -- 40%
    - For external sites that is not yet claimed by the publisher, this pool is divided into three:
    a. 20% accumulates and waiting for the publisher to claim the site
    b. 10% accumulates for the publisher's referrer
    c. 10% is awarded outright to the community owner/manager (on top of the Community Owners Pool) or accumulates for the future community owner when the community for the publisher site is not yet owned by anyone.

    2. Publisher Referrers Pool -- 5% (each earning publisher that you refer qualifies you a share on this pool)
    3. Community Owners Pool -- 20%
    4. Members Pool 1 (Gold Members Members) -- 10% (evenly distributed to all members with active Gold membership subscription)
    5. Members Pool 2 (Active Referring Members) -- 5% (distributed to all members who referred active Gold members based on the number of Gold members they referred)
    6. VIPs Pool -- 10%
    7. Sponsors Pool -- 10% (your referrals earnings on pools 3,4,5 and 6 qualifies you a share on this pool).

    How much do you earn from the members that you refer from regular pools? The answer is it depends. It depends on what type of members your referral becomes and how active you are in ADZbuzz. The more publishers, active members, referring members, VIP members, and community owners you refer, the bigger your total daily referral earnings will be as you earn from 3 referrals-related regular pools: Publisher Referrers Pool, Members Pool 2, and Sponsors Pool.

    DFY Pools:

    1. DFY Participants Pool (those who have DFY-enabled Ad Wallet balance) -- 80%
    2. VIPs Pool -- 10%
    3. Sponsors Pool -- 10%

    For every 8 ADZ your referral earns in pool 1, you earn 1 ADZ. That's 12.5% of what they earn.

    I hope this helps. When this numbers changed, this original post will be updated. (-:
    Last edited by survivor; 11-02-2017, 03:30 PM. Reason: Updated Regular Profit Share Distribution pools and description from this: 1. Publishers Pool -- 40% 2. Publisher Referrers Pool -- 5% (each earning publisher that you refer qualifies you a share on t

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    Thanks for those details very useful.


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    survivor you should put it somewhere in adzbuzz homepage so everyone can see it


    • survivor
      survivor commented
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      Maybe that's a good idea and maybe not too. This forum should be the central "go-to" location specially for people who have questions about ADZbuzz. Maybe a link in the ADZbuzz Referrals section to this post would help. (-:

    • ahsanulkhan
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      well you can link it to there

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    thanks for posting the pool breakdown, makes it very clear for all!


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      Finally a breakdown here, so no more speculations will be made.
      Thank you


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        Very nice, thank you!


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          survivor, if the price of Adzcoin is up and higher for example 1 Adzcoin is worth of 1usd, is the adzcoin we get will be lower? So on if 1 Adzcoin worth 10usd the adzcoin we get will be more lower?


          • survivor
            survivor commented
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            That could be a possibility. It all depends on how much profit the company makes, in what form (ADZ or USD) and how many members are qualified for a share.

          • guilin_czSwwyrIYcIAjMUyTgCRQdq9
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            survivor, i think like that, just like Bitcoin Faucet where the amount per claim lower if BTC up

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          Thanks for the info!


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            Thanks for this information it should be in somewhere in main page so that everyone can see it


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              Thanks for the info.
              In fact, this is a very Good work.
              If you can add some tool to share this opportunity with the message on Facebook, it will work better to have more members on board. The tool should have daily messages to share on Facebook since most of the active members will log in daily and will prefer to share the link with the new eye-catching message for getting more referrals for themselves and community in turn. Also, would like to suggest to deploy a system for faster incomes for referring and purchasing coins. which will have the very strong call to action appeal with Worldwide-Single leg income!
              Good work....but need to be a bit better! Don't you think?
              Last edited by busycentury; 07-25-2017, 05:11 AM.


              • rucana
                rucana commented
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                Everybody can share his referral link on his Facebook and Twitter accounts (See in Settings/Referrals).
                If everybody do it everyday, AdzBuzz members should grow exponentially.

              • survivor
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                busycentury, thanks for sharing (promoting) your link here as reference. And also, we found a way to go viral more swiftly (without posting ads directly in social media). You just need to share through ADZbuzz the links that you are going to share or reshare to your favorite social media site. Check this post:

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              Do the referrals work only for the 1st person ie...will my own referral's referral also generate income for me? Or for them only?


              • Ammikas
                Ammikas commented
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                You are getting up to 22% of your direct referral earnings so more your direct referral earns, more you earn

              • SuperPower
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                Ammikas, is this 22% true for my referral's VIP earnings too? And what does it mean 'up to 22%' ? What does the percent depend on?

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              Thanks for the news.


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                I commend you for giving out the details.


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                  Everything is Good out here and without the doubt, it's hard work done.
                  Adbuzz somehow needs to be automized with push sharing feature to everybody's social media timeline so that every article will be automatically shared once permission was given! This will automize viral referrals as well for everyone.

                  Also, It's only an appreciation of the coin which needs to be awaited which is too much time consuming and if you can add some faster income source here, it will be worth million dollars as it will give some income source TODAY for everyone as nobody would like to overlook today for tomorrow! Afterall we all live in Present!
                  I know it's expecting-more but you look promising to expect more and I feel, competent enough to integrate!

                  So also, need to integrate coins purchase with PayPal and Payza as they are edge old processors and many like me, have an account with them. This will fasten coins purchase (I will do $1 every month ). Rather Bitcoin due to its price, the network charges also have climbed considerably due to which it is no more feasible to purchase coins of $1 with Bitcoin but with Payza or Paypal, should be done.


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                    Thanks! Its useful to me....