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This way will make Adzcoin Price sky rocket

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  • This way will make Adzcoin Price sky rocket

    One thing that make Bitcoin skyrocket is massive review in youtube or website that Bitcoin price will reach high price in the future, my be we can use this way. As we know the development of adzbuzz is great

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    That is not true, Bitcoin is the first crypto the most known crypto. Reviews help pump altcoins


    • andrazpezdirc
      andrazpezdirc commented
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      The thing that pumps the price is massive adoption. It's the first one as you said and probably the first cc everyone is introduced when they start.
      Also, if you want to buy anything, you must have had btc at first (not anymore tho)

    • guilin_czSwwyrIYcIAjMUyTgCRQdq9
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      Yes, but i think massive review help a little much, it is like promotion. And about pumping honestly we need it .