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Do you want to earn 99% more??

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  • Do you want to earn 99% more??

    Hello everyone,

    I m seeking for some community managers. I m prepared to pay you 99% of total daily earnings acording to the community that you able to manage. I dont care how many communitys that i ll write down you pick for managing. It ll be totally your decision. I dont want to explain too much, etc.

    If you want to earn some Adzcoins by managing my communitys you ll have to agree with rules written down bellow. OK??

    Some simple RULES!!

    1. It would be nice if you could share posts in the communitys everyday(if you wont i wont be angry, i ll monitor the work you do and how much i earn, if i wont be happy with it i ll let you know) - i ll kick you off the manager sit

    2. You can choose how you want to be paid. Weekly or Monthly. You need to understand that i work on a farm and i have real job, so if i wont stick to the payment date, you need to understand it, but i do pay for the work that is being done. I m honest and loyal member of Adzbuzz. Ofc. i ll try to pay you on the time.

    3. There is no number of how many posts you should share in community, the more you share the more we both earn. If i ll see that the earnings are small i ll kick you from the manager sit by letting you know about it. Ps.: I do know how many Adzcoins can each of my community earn per day, becouse i was and do share posts myself too.

    4. Thats all, stick by the above rules and we ll be fine. If you do the job right i ll maybe even pay you more.

    5. Its just the number i wrote cuzz i like it :P

    6. If i would somehow wanted to sell any community i ll let you know before i do it(I hope).

    7. Go back to point 4.

    >>> Thoose are communitys that i need manager for <<<

    - SproutedKitchen -
    - Wpbeginner -
    - Avc -
    - Core77 -
    - Abduzeedo -
    - Explosm -
    - Abovethelaw -
    - Getrichslowly -
    - Craftylife -
    - Lamborghini -

    Thats it for now, if you find yourself in the position of manager of any above written communiys, just PM or or let me know here in the chat or forum with the names of the communitys that you want to manage.

    Have a nice day ahead!
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    How much do you own from Slashdot?
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    So, how can you offer 99% of what you do not own 100% ?


    • CrazyCrypto
      CrazyCrypto commented
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      kenmose i can offer 99% of the daily earnings that i get from Adzbuzz if i post or someone else post in the community. You dont need to own 100% of the community to be able to recive daily earnings, if you own more % of the community you earn more. I own 50% of the community Cheezburger and i sometimes get like 60+ Adzcoins per day from it, and i dont do anything, becouse i have good manager behind it who share posts daily and i share with him 80% of the earnings. I have the money(Adzcoins) thats needed for buying communitys, but i dont have time to share posts daily, sometimes i do have some time, but i m too lazy to share posts, so why shouldnt i offer someone good money.
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    CrazyCrypto Yes, why not. Would like to take up some of the communities if they are still available. Thanks.


    • CrazyCrypto
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      kenmose all written up there are availible, i edit the post if there is someone who wants to take a place as a manager in the community, and i remove the community from the list. You can PM me or write down here which communitys do you want to manage + it would be nice if you could PM me your deposit addreass and how would you like to be paid(weekly or monthly), ok??

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    Okay, thanks.


    • CrazyCrypto
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      kenmose so if you would like to earn some money just let me. All thoose communitys are availible .