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I m selling communitys!!

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  • I m selling communitys!!

    Hello everyone,

    I have decided to sell some of my communitys, becouse i have so many of them and its just too much for me to work with, and the hard part about it is that i dont own full communitys, just part of it so even when i or one of my managers in the community do the work, earnings are divided so i have decided to sell all thoose communitys to the people that would like to own it or just own more % of the community. I have write down the liste so you ll be able to see which communitys this are.

    Joythebaker - 520k tokens
    Abeautifulmess - 293k tokens
    Cupofjo - 499k tokens
    Freshome - 489k tokens
    Slashfilm - 519k tokens
    Avc - 478k tokens
    Bothsidesofthetable - 440k tokens
    Weburbanist - 20k tokens
    Design-milk - 750k tokens
    Home-designing - 146k tokens
    Core77 - 900k tokens
    Flowingdata - 50k tokens
    Fivethirtyeight - 560k tokens
    Freetech4teachers - 110k tokens
    Explosm - 396k tokens
    Digital-photography-school - 507k tokens
    Polygon - 400k tokens
    Fastcodesign - 150k tokens
    Bostonglobe - 68k tokens
    Getrichslowly - 440k tokens
    Marginalrevolution - 200k tokens
    CoolHunting - 560k tokens
    Adsoftheworld - 50k tokens
    Bleacherreport - 540k tokens
    Openculture - 30k tokens
    Statnews - 250k tokens
    Diyphotography - 475k tokens

    Thats it for now, i hope i ll have some good sells
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    Good list CrazyCrypto ! I would like to get some of these one day when I can already manage to work on ADZbuzz Communities business fulltime.
    Eat to Work. Work to Live. In this exact order.


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      Is the 'k' as in thousand? 500k=500,000 Token? How much in Adzcoin?


      • Ammikas
        Ammikas commented
        Editing a comment
        I think you have to go to ADZbuzz Exchange and type the community name to the search box to find the sale price.
        And yes K means thousands

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      kenmose yes 500k = 500.000 tokens, you can find the price in Adzcoin on the exchange.