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  • Weekly profit share Contest

    Hello everyone my name is Mitja aka CrazyCrypto and i ll be doing weekly profit share contests from now on with help of some other members.

    1st profit share contest ll start this Friday 17th and end next Friday.

    I dont know if you allready know me, if you dont i hope you ll know me soon

    My plan is simple, i ll be doing trades with Adzcoin on Adzbuzz exchange, Livecoin and Yobit and share all the profit i get with you guys. My plan is to get this contest going and make it viral so each week there ll be more people joining the contest. We are the community of Adzbuzz and its time that we do something ourselfs and help JensSteyaert and the team.

    How can i participate in this contest??

    All you need to do is share the video from Armins and mine giveaway:

    Each coming week you ll have to share the video of Armins giveaway and mine from the last week. So for the next, 4th contest you ll have to share the video that ll be recorded in Sunday, so the giveaway number 24 and so on, every week different contest video.

    Also add the link to the site with more info: in the context bellow the video.

    Guys share this free opportunity with you family, friends and others.

    How many participants ll win the prize and how much??

    There ll be only one winner at the begining, there ll be announcment made if anything ll change and there ll be more winners. The prize ll be Adzcoins. I ll be doing trading and with the profit i ll get by doing it i ll be buying Adzcoins from the market. The amount ll be announced at the end of the contest in the live video. If i wont make any profit i wont be able to share it with you guys, so please apologize me for that, we ll announce it if that happen after the end of the contest.

    We ll announce the winner of the contest every week. The winner ll be choosen by the program that draws the ticket. As Jhayang did it in his 1st contest. 1st winner ll be announced next weekend.

    Live videos ll be done by Ammikas
    survivor please update the intro with this contest!!

    We ll be contacting the winner so dont worry .

    Share this contest with your friends, referrals with any person that wants to get some free money.

    Have a nice week,

    Kind regards,
    Mitja aka CrazyCrypto
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    • CrazyCrypto
      CrazyCrypto commented
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      Hey vanja74 1st contest ll start this Friday, so please share the link on Friday . Ps.: I know its my mistake since i have put the date at the end of my post, i have moved it up now to the top.

    • vanja74
      vanja74 commented
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      No problem,I will share it every day but I will post new link on Friday

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    I'm sleepworking at my comp so i completely missed the date as well lol... But anyway, i shared it today and can reshare it friday and a few other times...

    Come on people, let's roll with this. Myself i'm a bit unmotivated to promote as everything moves so slowly, but with this you only need to share a youtube video to your followers. You don't need to do anything yourself, people that see your link don't have to register or so, they just have to watch a Youtube-video and take action if interested. So really anyone can do this. Let's do our best to get that video views!
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      Good job CrazyCrypto .

      I will create a post in the Marketing and Promotion section regarding on this "Weekly profit share Contest" of yours.



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        brilliant mate, i'll share for ya on sat ........if you care .....share !
        Please join my great communities Boracay


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          Hello everyone,

          1st profit share contest ll start in 2 hours, you can share you links with the posts after midnight, i m sorry that i wont be able to announce it LIVE, becouse i need to go to sleep(have to wake up early - job). It ll end next Friday at midnight.

          Lets do it guys, share the news with the world!!

          Ps.: I m from Slovenia, Europe so its GMT+1
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          • Ammikas
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            You forfot to mention what timezone midnight yes, but what timezone?

          • CrazyCrypto
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            Its it ok now, @Ammikas??

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          Done sharing. I hope this is following the required rules CrazyCrypto


          • CrazyCrypto
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            Yes, its ok .

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          done it


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              Please join my great communities



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                  Done sharing


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                    Here is my entry for this contest


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                      My entry here:
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