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The way to support members who you think deserve it.

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  • The way to support members who you think deserve it.

    I had interesting thought today. When the prelaunch of Buzzex will happen on Wednesday, all current members will jump in and register to get their affiliate links so they can start promoting. I already see in my mind that our ADZbuzz chats will be flooded with affiliate links because other members will want you to join with their link and so on.

    A long time ago when we all joined ADZbuzz we didn't know each other and most of us joined under complete stranger or straight under ADZbuzz. Me, for example, I joined because I saw some ad about Startpeeps. But now we can do it differently. Why not support those who deserve it. Why not use someone's link to join, under who you really like to join.

    So my idea is this: If you think that a specific ADZbuzz member should be supported you can become his/her downline in Buzzex. Contact that person and say that you want to use his/her Buzzex affiliate link to support his/her doings. This is something how the community can give back to those who deserve it
    What say you?

    I will be the first to lead the way. mb001589 (Miles), please give me your Buzzex affiliate link after you have joined Buzzex. You have been one of the main supporters of the platform and you have helped the community in so many ways. This is my way to show you the gratitude.
    (Other members you don't have to do it publicly, you can just contact the person you like to support in your own preferred way).

    PS There is also an option that people can share their link in this thread and then other members can choose the person they like to support and just use the link shared here. Although this can get people to spam this thread so I don't know how good this idea is.
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    My view is let people look for Buzzex members outside Adzbuzz. That will create unfair situation to those members who have spent their time, money and efforts to recruit Adzbuzz members and now their members will be taken away by hawkers who put their links here to look for new Buzzex recruits. The only marketing for Buzzex link to be allowed is through communication with your downlines.
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      Yes ..I agree with Ammikas..

      Miles has done a lot for this community with his wisdom and guidance.

      He also has a helping nature benefiting many like me ,without expecting anything in return.

      Personally speaking,I am indebted to him as he went out of the way recently to help me without accepting anything from me and I am waiting for an opportunity for compensating him for his selfless efforts.

      Thanks Miles...God bless you..May your tribe increase


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        I think @biznocrats has a point. It should be that the people under each person in Adzbuzz should be automatically under them through Buzzex. On the other hand, if anybody chooses to be under a specific member,, there should be provision for it.


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          I like the idea, as I don't have a sponsor on adzbuzz will definitely choose one of the old members, not to mention the distribution you Armin and Miles gave to this whole project, so thank you for all that you have done, and are doing for our all success. Those who wait will be rewarded


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            Good idea i feel to choose the old member affiliates link and then spread it whole world telegrame is one of the most important channel to promote as there many lot of groups of cripto enthusiast exciting time ahead chears all


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              Cool idea! If we can't transfer referrals from ADZbuzz to Buzzex I think this is a good way to go about it.

              Ammikas send me your link when the time comes and I'll become your referral.


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                For those who wish to support me, Here is my BUZZEX ref link :


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                  I have my link ready now All who want to support me can ask the link from me. Thank you for your support!

                  I have also created an overview video about Buzzex. Click on the pic.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Buzzex promo.jpg
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                  PS you can find the link under that video too
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                  • amocat
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                    great vid! will share

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                  Thanks Armin.

                  Here is my Buzzex referral link if anyone wants to join it:

                  Thanks for you support


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                    I am banned for 7 days in telegrame due to i have post prelaunch detail of buzzex in many public group but then happy to see lot of new people join the telegrame group and its really great things are happening
                    Now adzbuzz team need to hard work and show the world what they create and how much benifited it is
                    But surely my feeling is buzzex exchange rocking the world this time