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Want to get a clear overview about the Tokens and Tokanisation.

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  • Want to get a clear overview about the Tokens and Tokanisation.

    Hi, I have read all the updates lately and the discussions in the forum, although not through the Gold member section, but I can't get it clear how the tokanisation and token trading works. Here are my questions:

    1. If tokens for high popular sites are more valuable than others how is this visible in the exchange what tokens belong to
    which community if someone whants to buy or sell those tokens?

    2. Can untokanised communities be tokanised afterwards if one diseres this?

    3. How to buy untokanised communities , after launch, only throug bonus wallet?

    4. Is it possible to only buy tokens, without connected to a communitie and can those be traded?

    Hopefully after these answers I get more notion and overview how things work.

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    Hi, ADZbuzz Communities will be linked to their markets from the Sales Page and it will be very clear which tokens belong to which community.

    2- We'll be continuously tokenising the ADZbuzz Communities and gradually all untokenised communities will be tokenised.

    3- Yeah once the Tokenised System launches, Untokenised Communities will only be available to be purchased through Bonus Wallet.

    4- ADZbuzz Exchange will also be adding other alt coins and tokens based upon the results of Voting Page So yes, other tokens will be available for trading other than ADZbuzz Community Tokens. However, to emphasise ADZbuzz Community Tokens is backed by daily dividends from ADZbuzz Profit Share, so their value and demand would increase as ADZbuzz continuously gains more exposure.

    Hope this helps
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


    • lilou115
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      I believe every community token is connected to the community it belongs to, which makes perfect sense.

      And by owning a community token, you have either the option to hold it and earn daily dividends from its community earnings or trade it (buy/sell) on the Adzbuzz Exchange.

      In addition, when you own a community token, you are directly involved in that community activity, as you become a shareholder in that particular community.

      Then when you decide to sell that token, you are no longer a shareholder in that community.

      But if you're more interested into day-trading community tokens to make quick profits than managing and growing communities, you can do so without bothering yourself with community management tasks.

      Hope this answers your question!
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    • camohitmishra
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      thanks lilou115 you explained it well

    • ADB3725
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      Thanks lilou115, think I get it now.

      Just one question though: what about the daily login tokens, are those tradable or only for buying part of a community?