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  • Advertising question

    Hi All,

    I hope this is not an obvious question but when we talk about "going viral" or "marketing," who exactly is the target audience? Would it be large companies or smaller companies who wish to advertise on ADZbuzz? I'm just trying to get a better grasp about who would be paying into the system to earn us all financial freedom .


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    By its nature the platform is focusing on content publishers and content consumers. Does not really matter if they are big company, small company or individuals, but in my opinion initially it will be more the last two of them. The most important is to grow the user base and generate demand for the ADZcoin.
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      To answer your question more comprehensively these are the people that ADZbuzz can promote to for the target market:

      1) Content consumers

      2) Publishers

      3) Crypto-enthusiasts and investors

      4) Advertisers

      5) Affiliate marketers

      6) Make Money Online Niche

      Any one of the above types of people can benefit from ADZbuzz and the products and services they provide. By using ADZbuzz's services or products they would be spending money on the platform which would as a result benefit the value of ADZcoin either directly or indirectly.

      So the target market on ADZbuzz is quite broad which is good for us - as this platform has something for nearly everyone online.


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        I think Miles gave a good overview of our target audience which includes virtually everybody online (as everybody visits sites and consumes content).

        Initially though we will target crypto enthusiasts and focus on the daily ADZbuzz Community Token Airdrop. Once we have a community of over 100K people logging in daily we can attract advertisers of 2 major groups:

        1. Companies in the crypto space (Facebook, Google and Twitter banning crypto ads is very helpful for us)
        2. Community Owners who want to increase the value of their tokens by attracting more community members with ADZbuzz ads.

        When this first angle is successful it will allow us to expand our team and focus on all the other angles we have with ADZbuzz. (and the potential is really unlimited).
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          Thanks, everyone! Really good info. I graduate college in August, and honestly, I am more excited about this opportunity!