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  • Exchange Withdrawal Fee


    I noticed a whole list of coins have now been added to the exchange!

    That is a nice surprise

    But where on the Exchange can I find out how much the withdrawal fee is for any of the coins listed?


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    Oh will love to know to!
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      That's indeed good news to start morning with.
      I actually felt there is a bit delay in the process, but they surprised me to be honest

      Amazing job you guys are doing, thanks to every member in this ambitious project.

      Please Mohit send Devs our thanks as the patience has paid off.


      • camohitmishra
        camohitmishra commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi, thanks on behalf of whole ADZbuzz team. Will convey your message to developers

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      Very nice indeed!! let's just wait for the official announcement


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        Devs have been working late last night to add the coins to the exchange, so we just need to add the withdrawal fee and activate withdrawals of all coins. Once we finish this we'll make a detailed overview of all coins added to our exchange.

        Please note that these are the top 50 coins from this list: Along with some requests (such as KIN).

        So please stay tuned for the update about the new coins being added later today.
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