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  • I'm a newbie

    I wish I can just get how this site works..... Good day Everyone

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    Hi, welcome to ADZbuzz. It has many aspects so I'll try to summarise them here for you.

    Content Discovery
    ADZbuzz is a content discovery platform where you can organise the contents in your Feeds and follow them all at one place. You can refer this guide for the steps.
    Your ADZbuzz Home Page shows all contents you follow in a stream which you can read scrolling endlessly.
    If you want to discover new contents you can search them here

    ADZbuzz Communities (Online Business Opportunity)
    Any member can purchase the tokens of websites and manage them. The earnings which that community derives is shared between the community owner (member who purchased the community and managing it) and the Publisher (owner of the website whose community is being managed).
    Manage a community simply means create the following around the content and keeping the community engaged and clean.
    ADZbuzz Community Tokens are called ACT and you can get complete info about these here

    ADZlink (Profit share with Publishers)
    ADZbuzz aims to lessen the billion dollar impact created by Ad Blockers by sharing a part of the profits with Publishers, whose revenue has decreased these past years due to the growth of Ad Blockers and its users. To share in the profits, a publisher needs to install on their website/blog a non-intrusive, no-tracking plugin called ADZlink which is programed to share profits based on some (constantly changing) parameters.
    ADZlink has the link to the website's community, so if people join the community the profits of the publisher increases.
    ADZlink also has the referral link of the Publisher, so if people join Publisher also get lifelong referrals.

    ADZbuzz Cryptocurrency Exchange (ADZX)
    ADZbuzz Exchange has the unique, probably the best offer any exchange has to provide to traders. The exchange credits the Trading fee back in the traders Bonus wallet which they can use to buy shares in the communities and earn from daily profit share. The earnings are in ADZcoin (currency of ADZbuzz) which traders can exchange for any other currency in ADZX. So, in short traders earn daily profits in altcoins of their choice for trading on ADZX which is proportionate to the amount of trading they do. (provided its being traded on ADZX)
    For more info please refer the ADZbuzz Exchange whitepaper.

    Ad Credits / Deflationary ADZcoin Supply
    Ad space on ADZbuzz Network called Ad Credits, can be purchased by burning ADZcoin. Coins once burned are gone forever from the system and ADZcoin supply is reduced permanent. Currently well over 15Mn ADZcoin has been burnt which means an equal amount of Ad Credits has been created. This can be followed through this page

    ADZbuzz Buyback Program
    Apart from advertisers, ADZbuzz itself regularly burns ADZcoin from the profits and create ad credits. This ensures continuous reduction of ADZcoin supply and creation of Ad credits. You can refer this post for more info about ADZbuzz Buyback Program

    DFY (Done-For-You) System
    ADZbuzz provides its members an opportunity to earn 100% passive income by activating the DFY system. In this system members block their Ad Credits which ADZbuzz use to advertise and ADZbuzz shares the related profits with people who have activated the DFY system. Members also have the option to deactivate the DFY system and use the ad credits to advertise their offers when they want.
    So the Ad Credits are never idle and earn its owners continuously, whether through own advertising or through DFY system.

    ADZbuzz Gold
    ADZbuzz offers Gold membership which provides the members various privileges including 100% daily passive income, access to private section of forum, ability to add signature on Forum, free referrals sent to members' account periodically and more. You can refer this page for complete info.

    ADZbuzz Affiliate Program
    ADZbuzzhas probably the most lucrative affiliate program available. The affiliate currently earns from​​​​​​
    - Trading by referrals on ADZX, currently 50% of trading fee
    - Earnings of referrals from DFY system
    - Earnings of referrals from Communities management
    - Earnings of referrals from Publisher Pool
    - Gold members referrals
    Please refer this page for Earnings Breakdown

    I hope this helps.
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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      Nice summary Mohit. I'll use it for my promotion. Did you fall asleep on you keyboard when you wrote down your username emmanueleberechukwu833UffHCC1n ?


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        Originally posted by gerlav31 View Post
        Nice summary Mohit. I'll use it for my promotion. Did you fall asleep on you keyboard when you wrote down your username emmanueleberechukwu833UffHCC1n ?
        Thanks gerlav31 . We have much more than summarised above like ADZbuzz Services, ADZbuzz Savers, ADZbuzz Pay etc but as you know already, these are half cooked. So, I have summarised only what is currently operating in full form. You might like to add this to your promotions too
        Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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          emmanueleberechukwu833UffHCC1n dude, you must change that username. It's way too long