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Future marketing efforts?

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  • Future marketing efforts?

    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering what, if any, different marketing Adzbuzz will undergo in the future? Are we going to purchase the same Bitcoinprbuzz again in the near future, or is there another company that Adzbuzz will purchase from? I'm just trying to have a clearer picture of the marketing budget/plan for the short and long term.


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    There is supposed to be a big update tomorrow announcing future goals and possibly timelines.


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      Yeah an update tomorrow should clarify the plans going forward and how we're going to market and get the price of ADZ gaining some traction. Also a new marketing manager has been hired and he has spent the week getting familiar with our concept and business so that he can work on the marketing of the business to the target audiences. So hopefully his ideas can get us moving in the right direction. I guess all this and a lot more would be mentioned in the update tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading it for sure.


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        Next week 2 campaigns will be launched to further promote ADZbuzz, our marketing manager will post the extensive details in the marketing section of the forum then. Today I'll explain in an extensive update what we have in mind for this as well.
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          Thanks Jens and I am sure all o us are looking forward for this update


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            Most grateful for this info Jens I surely eagerly look forward to learning about those forthcoming developments.