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Adzcoin trading - Should i do it or not??

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  • Adzcoin trading - Should i do it or not??

    Dear users of Adzbuzz and the Adzbuzz team,

    I have opened this forum topic becouse i have a qeustion for all of you, i dont know if i should do it or not. I know many of you dont even know who i am, i can only say that i m humble, normal guy who likes the project that much that is giving away some Adzcoins back to community, to the whole Adzbuzz. If you watch closely you ll find me somewhere :P.

    I dont have many skills, except being good or at least i try to be good at what i do. I was thinking how to help Adzbuzz and the users as much as possible. I had a night shift yesterday(i have 2 more) and i was thinking what if i would start to trade Adzcoin again and share the profits with members. It would be like weekly profit share in Adzcoins to the members.

    I was thinking doing it like this.

    To be able to participate in the profit share you would need to share the video from the winner of the contest "How to claim your Free Daily Tokens in Adzbuzz" with the #Adzbuzzdailytokenairdrop. You would only have to do it on 1 social media platform(you could share on more but only 1 would count). After doing it you would have to share the link from the social media where you share it.

    All in all you would have to share the video each week to be able to participate in the profit share. There would be only 1 winner each time. I would ask one of the members or the team to choose the winner with the program via livezoom or something, dont know yet .

    Disclamer: There is a chance that i wont make any profit, so if that happen i wont be able to share profit with the winner. It would be announced before the livezoom if that would happen.

    I dont know, what do you guys think, should i do it or not??

    jhayag camohitmishra
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    CrazyCrypto . I think you are too good! All of us are well wishers, but its amazing how you find different ways of contributing and keeping the morale high! Thank you!


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      CrazyCrypto sounds a great idea, no one has anything to lose (except perhaps you!) so a win-win for Adzbuzz + members. Go for it!


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        Well i think forward, and i think in the future, and i know what this could do to the Adzbuzz. I wont tell you, you have to figure it out yourself. I have some other ideas, which i wont make them happen, becouse i know where it could go, and i dont want that yet, maybe in the long future from now, i ll try this 1st. They just dont want(i hope) me doing it, i dont want either. Ps.: I dont have anything to lose. Its all funny to me . You dont need to understand all i say, i like riddles too .


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          Very good initiative and idea to reward users. Plus very generous of course

          Similar to my ADZ Giveaway but I'm not giving everything away. So you are more generous
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            hey that sounds cool crazycrypto more profit share im in
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              crazycrypto you are so good it makes me wonder why are we paying for a marketing manager when we have so much expertise.all it takes is for top management to listen


              • jhayag
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                :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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              cool idea, i will surely share the videos which i already doing it often, but i op out the profit share. anyway thanks for your generosity.


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                jhayag and camohitmishra what do you guys think about my idea??


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                  Hi, its a great initiative and I must applaud you for that!

                  To say my mind, this offer can be more productive if we try to involve new members more. So, we should think of ways to do that more. One such way can be to make this offer (sharing of your profits from your trading) in the places like FB groups or other social networks sections which are dedicated to cryptocurrencies and its trading. Join as many of them as you can handle and mention them here so that when you post in that groups other members here can pitch in those posts and comment there. If you make this offer there and some groups have thousands of active members, you should be able to attract few hundreds at the least. Continue that for longer and you must be able to make a huge impact I believe. To top it, you can request the admins there (FB groups etc) to allow you to use your referral link and you would also be getting lifelong referrals.

                  Anyways, so if you zero in on making this offer, you can share the information and proceedings on ADZbuzz blog, which will earn you even more, bring traffic to your ADZbuzz blog more which means more traffic to ADZbuzz which means more exposure to ADZbuzz and its various features.

                  So, yeah I agree its a great offer and a great opportunity created to bring new members to ADZbuzz and create interest in ADZcoin. But target should be new members
                  Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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                    camohitmishra JensSteyaert jhayag survivor

                    Well this is my plan, and i ll go with it with or without your permission

                    I ll start with it this week. 1st profit share should be next weekend. I ll make another post after this one, which ll be the real one and all the info. ll be shared there.

                    What i plan to do is doing profit share with my trading skills(i know they are not the best), i want to share all the profit i get with members of Adzbuzz. So i ll ask survivor if he can make this contest(profit share) official and update the intro with it. The topic should be very clear of what i intend to do so many newcomers and old ll join it.

                    So the plan is:

                    - Trade Adzcoin on Yobit, Livecoin and Adzbuzz exchange
                    - Share the profit i get by trading with Adzbuzz members
                    - No profit, no sharing - simple as that
                    - To be able to participate in the profit you ll have to share the video from the 1st contest winner + #Adzbuzzdailyairdrop
                    - There ll be only one winner at the begining since i think i wont make that huge profit in start, i dont plan to trade aggresive yet(this can come when the winter ll be here or earlier)
                    - This ll be weekly profit share so, i hope we can bring more people involved with it. The good thing is that i know that it can go viral if its done right, i plan to do that. If we get like 10, 100, 1000, 10000 people involved in and each one ll be sharing stuff, videos about Adzbuzz + share the video of getting the reward, it can be huge

                    Thats what i plan to do!!