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  • Adzcoin new wallet

    I am sorry to say that I am bit of a dumb guy and it takes time for me understand things especially connected to crypto.

    At the outset let me admit that I am not crypto savvy and many doubts crop up that need clarification.

    I feel safe with my wallets in my adzbuzz account and suddenly there is an announcement stating that we need to download new wallet.

    Well.... there may be a good technical reason like introduction of masternodes necessitating blockchain fork(I just don't know what the heck it is but pretend to understand and go with the flow so as to avoid being seen as a guy not in the know of things) introduce new wallet but some questions arise in my mind.

    There are many adzcoin wallets such as web wallet,ad wallet,earning wallet,adcredit wallet .....What will happen to all these wallets?

    So far Adzbuzz looked after the safety and security of my coins and I felt safe.

    If i have to download the new wallet to my PC ,does that mean that this move is undertaken to free adzbuzz of it's security concerns?

    Why can't there be some provision in my adzbuzz account to keep my adzcoin?

    What is the last date to download my offline wallet?

    What happens to those who don't comply due to inactivity in their account for various genuine reasons?

    And there are many more....

    Please clarify....Thanks...
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    Wow, so many questions, I'll try to answer some of them.

    First, don't panic

    If you DON'T have a local ADZcoin wallet on your computer, you don't have to download the new wallet (at least not yet).

    If you DO have an ADZcoin wallet on your computer, you still don't have to download the new wallet (yet).

    So, in either case, DO NOT download and install the new wallet yet. It will do you no good at this stage.

    Your account in ADZbuzz is not and will not be adversely affected in any way by the changes described in the newest update. Your coins in ADZbuzz wallets are and will be as safe as they have been before.


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      About masternodes:

      Here is an introduction to masternodes:

      This is for DASH, but it should give you an idea about what a masternode is and how to run one.


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        Hi peria1949 I believe all your questions are resolved after our chat
        Welcome to ADZbuzz!!