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  • hey

    This coin is by far the most confusing coin I am in.
    Can someone help me get an overview of it ?

    I have 10k adzcoin and 2.5k Buzzex coin

    what can I use my adzcoin for ? looks like it is swapping to a token ? what can I use the token for (adzbuzz v2) ? do I just keep them in adzbuzz wallet ?

    My Buzzex coins is on the adzbuzz exchange, but a new exchange just released. so Adzbuzz exchange is not a thing more ? what do I do with the Buzzex coins I have ?
    The new exchange does not have Buzzex coin wallet ? is that not the main coin for that exchange?

    its so confusing with all the platforms and different coins, swapping, uses.. adzcoin, adzbuzz, adzbuzz v2, adzbuzz exchange, Buzzex coin, Buzzex exchange....


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    Hi, thanks for your interest.

    The new exchange (Buzzex) is launched yesterday. The Buzzex wallet is being set up and will be done soon, within 1-2 week as per the update we posted yesterday. Then members can deposit BZX in their Buzzex Account and dividend payments with members holding 20,000BZX or more will start.

    With 2.5k BZX you have you can trade at 10% discount on Buzzex when trans-fee mining ends. Members having 20,000BZX or more will be able to trade at zero-fee. More details can be found here

    With yesterday's Buzzex launch, trans-fee mining has started and all traders will earn BZX for their trading activity.

    ADZbuzz exchange still operates and will continue. Buzzex is built since ADZbuzz is a heavy website with numerous features and its difficult to provide the same speed as other top exchanges, required by traders for whom every sec matters. The ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens) to which the profits are shared, are traded on ADZbuzz Exchange.

    ADZcoin is being swapped to an ERC20 token to enhance the security and avoid the exploiter profiting from his malicious intentions and activity from the 51% attack happened on 5th March. We are communicating everything through periodic updates so it will be very easy to understand and keep up if you could read them.

    Also, here I have attempted to summarise the whole ADZbuzz Network. I hope it helps

    If you have any more doubt, don't hesitate to mention.

    Wish You Luck!
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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      thank you very much. it makes a lot more sense now. I will keep an eye on it, so I don't get lost again