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ADZcoin Burn January 23 - February 2

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    Originally posted by mb001589 View Post
    I think we really need a separate sub-forum section for these posts and they should not be mixed with the ADZbuzz News as it makes it difficult to follow.

    Also I noticed last week it mentioned

    ADZbuzz bought 17,842.39 ADZcoins.

    But this week it does not mention how many ADZcoins ADZbuzz purchased?

    It just mentions that 18, 809 ADZcoins were burned.

    It would be nice if these posts had a standard format to follow for consistency purposes and to avoid confusion.

    For example something like this:

    ADZcoins burned by advertises:

    ADZcoins bought by ADZbuzz:

    ADZcoins burned by ADZbuzz:

    ADZcoins added to profit share:

    Total ADZcoins burned so far:

    Total value of ad space bought this moment:

    I think a fixed template with just the numbers added to it each week would make it more consistent and less confusing

    Also I think the ADZcoins that are added to the profit share each week really needs to be included as it is part of the buy-back program, plus it is good for transparency too.
    I think adding more numbers will make it more confusing to be honest. These reports are to show how many coins are burned over a certain period of time and I think all needed facts about that are stated in every report.

    You can already see how much we shared with publishers and community owners on this page:

    Also the burned coins are the only thing that can be verified for sure by all people not just us as we have txid's of all coins we burned. Not all coins we share are part of the buyback such as withdrawal fees and income from other sources.

    I think it's better if more people would share their earnings in the "post your earnings" section as they can post screenshots of their earnings. Much better than us saying every week how much we shared.
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