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ADZbuzz Buyback Program Info

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  • ADZbuzz Buyback Program Info

    ADZbuzz is a social network which primarily forms the bridge between websites and its communities. ADZbuzz allows anyone to own a community (represented by ACTs - ADZbuzz Community Tokens) of a website, increase its following and help engage them with the content. The earnings from the community is divided between Publisher and Community Owner. This allows Publishers to receive increased traffic as well as income, allows Community Owners to create a cost effective online business and provides Content Seekers variety of organised contents in their favorite categories, all at one place.

    To increase the value of their ACTs, which they can sell on ADZbuzz Exchange, community owners can make use of ADZbuzz space to advertise their communities and here comes the role of ADZbuzz Buyback Program.

    ADZbuzz Buyback Program

    The ad space on ADZbuzz Network is created by burning ADZcoin. ADZbuzz Buyback Program allows the company to create ad space while reducing the ADZcoin supply from the market as coins once burnt becomes Ad Credits representing the ad space on ADZbuzz Network.

    ADZbuzz burns 10% of sale proceeds from ACTs (ADZbuzz Community Tokens). So as more ACTs are being sold more ADZcoin are burnt and reduced from the market. As ADZbuzz aims to lessen the millions dollars impact created by Ad Blockers, by providing traffic and income to Publishers while creating the online business for Community Owners and a one stop place for content seekers, gradually hundreds of thousands of websites will be converted into ACTs, they will get purchased and ADZcoin will be burnt in the process having the significant reduction in ADZcoin supply.

    We will share the details of ADZbuzz Buyback Program with people interested in ADZbuzz / ADZcoin. So you can follow this section to keep yourself updated.

    The ADZbuzz Team

    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!