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ADZcoin Burn Report_19 June 2018

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  • ADZcoin Burn Report_19 June 2018

    Hi everybody,

    Here is another report on the amount of ADZcoin burned and converted into Ad Credits, thereby, further reducing the supply of ADZcoin permanently.

    ADZcoin burned by advertisers from last report: 38,773.68 ADZ
    ADZcoin burned by ADZbuzz from last report: 14,866.95 ADZ
    Total ADZcoin burned so far: 15,521,019.025 ADZ
    Total value of ad space bought this moment: $365,138.18 (this fluctuates)

    You can verify coins being burned here:
    And you can see the total coins burned and other data in real-time here:
    Here you can verify the coins burned by ADZbuzz:

    Every burnt ADZcoin increases the value of every existing ADZcoin due to the basic economic rule of Demand and Supply. The ADZcoin supply has already reduced by around 15.52Mn out of a total supply of just 84 million.

    Please refer this post to get info on ADZbuzz Buyback Program and why we believe we will be successful in burning more and more coins continuously.

    Have a great day!

    The ADZbuzz Team
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    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!

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    Thanx for the report. We all on the right track.