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Why ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACTs) are a Great Investment!

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  • Why ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACTs) are a Great Investment!

    Why ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACTs) Are A Great Investment!

    If you want to learn all about ADZbuzz Community Tokens and how to claim them for free or invest in them, please check out this quick start guide first.

    In this post you’ll learn exactly why ADZbuzz Community Tokens are an amazing investment.
    • ADZbuzz Community Tokens Earn Daily Dividends
    If you buy ACT’s and hold them in your wallet, you’ll qualify for the daily profit share on ADZbuzz. This means you’ll earn daily cryptocurrencies for as long as you hold the tokens.
    • Buying ACTs Is Basically Free
    If you hold ACTs for the long-term you will eventually have earned more money than what you have put in. If you buy them during the daily flash sales getting 100% of your investment back will potentially go very fast. You can buy ACT’s for the equivalent of 1 satoshi which is a very low price.
    • ACTs are a Great Long-Term Investment
    ADZbuzz is an amazing viral platform with enormous growth potential both for regular users and traders. As more and more people join ADZbuzz, it is expected that the trading volume on the exchange and overall revenue will grow over time. The crypto market is far from reaching its true potential and it is expected that the daily trading volume will continue to grow.

    Here is an overview of how much ACTs will earn based on the ADZbuzz Exchange trading volume alone (not including other income sources used for the daily profit share)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Average ACT estimated value based on Exchage Fees.png Views:	2 Size:	68.1 KB ID:	18813

    Right now you can buy ACTs for less than $200 which means with a trading volume of just $1 Million you are already in profit if you hold ACTs for just 1 year. If trading volume grows more you can even get a ROI of up to 400%+ every year and see your investment grow with up to 1500%+ !
    • ACTs are Great for Day Traders
    Day trading isn’t easy and you need to have great research skills and sometimes even a bit of luck to profit consistently. With ACTs the strategy is fairly simple:
    1. Buy tokens at 1 satoshi
    2. Instantly put a sell wall for 2 or more satoshis
    3. Earn daily profits until you double or triple your money (or much more)
    The fact that all ACT’s are great investments for long-term holders will ensure that there will always be potential buyers and you are bound to make nice profits.
    • Thousands of Potential Buyers
    The amount of followers ADZbuzz Communities have will gradually grow over time. Everybody will be able to see exactly how much profits the ACTs of that particular community are earning on a daily basis. This will make it very easy to sell ACTs because there will be 1000s of potential buyers for your ACTs and probably dozens of people waiting to be able to scoop up your ACTs every day.


    Every week dozens of high quality communities will be tokenized and you will be able to get unlimited ACTs to either grow your passive income or multiply your investment.

    In that sense ADZbuzz can become the ultimate place to grow a Full-Time Income online and live the good life from the comfort of your own home!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Do Something for Future.png Views:	1 Size:	195.8 KB ID:	18814

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