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ADZbuzz Update 9 Jan 2018 Info about ADZbuzz Exchange, Buy back Program and more

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  • ADZbuzz Update 9 Jan 2018 Info about ADZbuzz Exchange, Buy back Program and more

    Hey everyone, I am sure you must be feeling energetic as the last few days are showing what people are waiting to see for long, an increase in rate

    Even though our efforts were not reflected in ADZcoin rate till few days before, we were (are and will) continuously working for the success of business.

    Here’s an update for you to know how we plan to go ahead in the coming days.

    Since the exchange is very near to launch and so the buy back program is about to begin, we believe the momentum in growth in rate will be maintained. So, Happy Days these are, followed by more

    Here’s the update from ADZbuzz team, enjoy!

    ADZbuzz Update Jan 9 2018
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!

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    Thanks @Mohit to share this and its Boom Boom ADZ coin this year and when people realise all this its really huge volume we will see soon i just feel though so amazing now


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      Thanks for the nice updates and symptoms already showing by reaching Adzcoin its first century and 2018 will be definitely the year of Adzcoins. Wow


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        Thank you for this wonderful update


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          Buiaka! It's time to shine, ADZBuzz!
          Thanks for wonderful news.
          < ADZWORLD > (Everything about ADZbuzz)

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            Thank you!
            These are great news!

            Just one suggestion. Maybe its wiser to start contacting the publishers after the RSS feeds are integrated? It shows publishers that everything is working at full force, also the communities that are less managed.


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              Thanks for the update, will it actually launch within this week? Or sometime next week?


              • tris
                tris commented
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                If it says it will launch this week in the update than it will launch this week.

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              Will the exchange be using batching( )
              And segwit( at minimum for withdrawals) to save on bitcoin transactions fees?
              JensSteyaert i really hope adzbuzz uses them on the exchange
              Will it use it? It will save on operating costs
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                Thanks for this update.