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ADZbuzz Update March 13

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  • ADZbuzz Update March 13

    Hi Everybody,

    Today we have another overview of the happenings in the ADZbuzz Project.

    >>>>> Addition of Bitcoin Gold

    Today we will add another coin to the ADZbuzz Exchange Namely BTG, a fork of Bitcoin aiming to decentralize Bitcoin. Trading will start later today and traders can choose the ADZ/BTG or BTC/BTG markets.

    >>>>> Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and possibly Bitcoin Cash coming later this week

    We are also working on adding Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and are making good progress as well as with Bitcoin Cash. At the same time we are setting this up so we can easily add ECR20 tokens to the exchange as well.

    >>>>> Masternodes

    We hit a bit of a standstill with this because the freelancer we hired is preoccupied with other things at the moment. It's annoying but we need to be patient as we don't believe it's a good idea to let a new blockchain expert finish this as he would have to start from zero. When we have (good) news we will instantly report this to the community.

    >>>>> Some improvements before promos

    As we are adding more and more coins to the ADZbuzz exchange and are about to start the second round of coins which are voted for here, we will make some improvements to ADZBuzz in preparation of promos. These will include:

    -> Adding ADZ/ADZAC and BTC/ADZAC pair
    -> Rearrange elements of the ADZbuzz Exchange such as new landing page, top menu items, markets overview in the sidebar etc.
    -> Create bonus calculator, similar as to this one: this will be added to the landing page to increase conversions.
    -> Create central wallet page linking to all wallet as this will be easier to understand for most people.
    -> Top up bonus wallet with cryptocurrencies either by withdrawing from the exchange wallets or depositing on the bonus wallet page.
    -> Allow unlimited community credits so there will be no limit as to how many total communities you can own. The RSS feature when up to date will automate most of the community work and this way the earning potential is unlimited which isn't a bad thing for sure.

    This along with continious bug fixing will ensure our platform is ready to be presented to the world.

    >>>>> Promotions overview

    When we are ready with these things and we start promoting to crypto enthousiasts we will launch a press release using the Bitcoinprbuzz service (Ultimate Executive: ) and the moment the press release is published and ADZBuzz is in the media launch several bounty campaings in which members can earn bonus wallet credits and basically earn coins for life. Here is an overview:

    -> ADZbuzz Tutorial Bounty

    In order to explain every single feature on our platform we will create a bounty campaign in which members will be able to earn bonus wallet credits by creating tutorials on the ADZbuzz forum. This will not only save us time to do the increased backend work that will be required with an increased user-base, but also allow all members to earn some easy bonus credits. Plus, as new members join they will see that the community is engaged and willing to help each other out if needed which gives a positive impression. (rather than complaining about earnings or something)

    We will create a thread with a list of topics to create a tutorial about along with the rewards for each feature. Please note though, this is exclusive for Gold members so if you're not Gold yet, you should upgrade to apply when this launches. (all other earnings options will be open to everybody)

    -> ADZbuzz Referral Contest

    We will use the same setup as the previous referral contests, except now we will be awarding winners with bonus wallet credits. The base of the calculations will be how much bonus wallet credits (in USD) their referrals have earned. So this can be either through trading, topping up their bonus wallet or using Neobux. The calculations start the moment the referral contest is launched. The contest will run for 2 months and the prizes will be:

    1. 50 community credits ($5,000 value)
    2-5. 20 community credits ($2,000 value)
    5-10. 10 community credits ($1,000 value)
    10-20. 5 community credits ($500 value)
    20-50. 3 community credits ($300 value)
    50-100. 1 community credit ($100 value)

    -> Other bounties

    Apart from the referral contest we will also offer direct bounties for several tasks to promote the ADZbuzz project, such as:

    -> Signature campaign on Bitcointalk (if not a member there and you want to earn please join now and start making some posts)
    -> Twitter/Facebook campaign
    -> Coin voting announcements in Bitcointalk threads (only 1 per thread)
    -> Translation bounties to create ANN thread and maintain it

    -> Airdrop Announcement

    As suggested before, we will give away some ADZcoins if people perform certain actions.

    We are still preparing the promo campaings but you have an idea of how it will work and how we'll aim to reach the crypto community. It makes no sense to start promoting before our project has appeared in the media, so the moment our press release is live and some articles are posted about the ADZbuzz Exchage on big crypto sites we will start the other promo campaigns as well. We believe that a lucrative referral contest along with direct bounties is a good way to have hundreds if not thousands of people start promoting ADZbuzz and create a snowball effect.

    So to conclude:

    -> Press release ensuring ADZbuzz is in the media
    -> Tutorials posted to create a positive vibe
    -> Bounty campaign + referral contest/program to reach the masses

    >>>>> Expanding ADZbuzz

    This has been a dream for over 2 years now but with a project like this we simply need to grow the amount of employees that are working for ADZbuzz. We have about 10 more angles in the pipeline which simply can't be realized until this happens. In fact, every additional platform needs a team of 10+ people working on it to make it grow. So essentially we have a company that requires 100+ employees and we are currently working at 10% of our potential.

    This will change the moment we see a steady rise in volume on our exchange. The magical number we have set is to have an exchange which has a daily trading volume of $10 million which is around what the 50-60th exchange in the world is averaging. While we still aren't even close to reaching that, I read that cryptopia was able to pull this off in about a year time starting with a two-man team while steadily growing volumes and hire more people. You can read all about that here:

    I don't see any reason as to why somebody would doubt that we can't pull this off as well the upcoming weeks/months. We have come so far already and more importantly, we have set things up in such a way that we are already anticipating for such a growth curve (hiring more employees, server expansion etc.).

    Slowly but surely we'll get there, grow the daily profit share, hire more employees and grow the ADZBuzz Project in an exponential way all through 2018!

    That's it for now, have a great day,
    The ADZbuzz Team
    Welcome To The ADZbuzz Project!

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    Originally posted by andrazpezdirc
    Is there still a plan to promote it to 10.000+ publishers as they'll promote it later on as well?

    And one extra question, why don't you perhaps take a loan at bank? I know loans aren't the best options but if you so strongly believe in success, bank would probably help
    That's indeed our next angle to promote to publishers. As of now we will focus on the crypto angle to increase volume on the exchange and increase the value of ADZcoin so we have a better plan to approach publishers. It's always better to say you have earned $500 or even $1000 on ADZbuzz than $5 or $10.

    As for bank loan, I don't think that will be needed to be honest, we just need to focus on promos and as we attract more members the company revenue will grow and we can expand that way.
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      Very nice this is thanks for update all about this and can we know how much approx time it will take to go in public as that will be the moment for adzcoin to be recognise by the cripto world


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        Great update, Jens! Looking forward to the referral contest! As well the bounty campaign! And of course more trading pairs!

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          Originally posted by mastwal View Post
          Very nice this is thanks for update all about this and can we know how much approx time it will take to go in public as that will be the moment for adzcoin to be recognise by the cripto world
          Only a matter of time but we'll have all angles figured out soon.
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            Originally posted by benhuebner View Post
            Great update, Jens! Looking forward to the referral contest! As well the bounty campaign! And of course more trading pairs!

            Thanks Benjamin, we will announce the referral contest early so everybody can prepare and help themselves and the ADZbuzz project.
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              Nice update, hope the promos will indeed start soon, but I was hoping that the masternodes will be finished this month cause it would really boost the price of adzcoins which is really low atm. Maybe you should hire a new programer for that instead of waiting for that one who is working on something else (???). I mean if he started and finished 2/3 than he should finish the job, this sounds so unprofessional. Many members offered to raise the money for the masternodes, please Jens speed that up cause it's really important. I am not even complaining about my 2 year vip earnings cause I know this project takes time, and am happy the things are progressing, but some things have to be finished that are important. Do you know when RSS will be implemented to be fully automated? Thank you for your hard work, once the promo finally starts we will see the BOOM for sure I don't doubt that at all


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                I can not suggest the bank loan as in any case if a person become defaulter then whole hard work will gone worthless and we can not survive at all which will be very harmful for all members
                I personally believe adz exchange hardly take maximum time two or three month to go in public and once the volume increase everything will be smooth and adz coin price surely boom
                For its just matter of time like 3 to 4 month as everything is setup now for go in public


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                  Originally posted by andrazpezdirc

                  Ok but I think many people here are a bit tired because we are going so slow. Overally the concept is great, but we are missing the time lapse of this. Things are going really fast in crypto world and there are the project with worse concept but faster development team and marketing approach.

                  I am really disappointed with the fact that masternodes stopped because "freelancer" does not have time. Are you serious? We've been waiting for this for way more than a month and it was always promised that we'll get it soon, in a matter of a week. But now suddenly all stopped, like seriously?

                  However we are tired that the project needs our money to succeed. It wouldn't be a problem if we saw a constant progress instead of postponing and postponing and postponing.
                  I like that you are very positive and do not doubt in success, but then go to bank, present them your plan and they'll give you fair loan which we'll be able to pay back once project is successful.
                  The easiest thing is to not be involved with own money and stay away from problems and work on behalf of others' money for example VIP members, which recieve 3$ monthly from "promised 3000$".

                  Each businessman went to the bank and took a loan for his company if he was serious and didn't think of failure. And this is the only reasonable way I see for you to do.

                  We need programmers to build masternodes faster, we need programmers to improve exchange, it's security and user-friendliness, and we need people who live for marketing, not just some freelancers.

                  And most importantly, we need to be quick and act faster. World will not wait for us if we are late, like train does not.

                  So think about this and let us know. But from my opinion and private messages I recieve, people are not happy with the speed!
                  Well perhaps you should manage the project, how about that? (joking obviously)

                  Things are not as easy as you portray them... Trust me running a startup like this with so much hope and (financial) expectation without a large budget takes its toll. I've aged probably 30 years these last 2 years so don't tell me some people PM you with their concerns, they are not as big as the people running this. (and trust me, messages like this don't help the aging issue and daily headaches)

                  Let's just continue with what we are doing and things will be alright.

                  PS: I know what we need, banging my head against the wall for almost 2 years how to get it but if you have a better idea than "bank loans" let us know.
                  Welcome To The ADZbuzz Project!

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                    Originally posted by andrazpezdirc
                    I apologise, I am strongly against loans too, but we need to catch up with time otherwise we might have financial problems and no success as addition
                    How about we just finish the things mentioned and start promos? Multiple income streams are there to sustain the project and expand as needed.
                    Welcome To The ADZbuzz Project!

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                      JensSteyaert Has the freelancer set any date, when he ll be able to go on with masternode work? I do care alot about the Adzbuzz project and you guys behind it, it would be great to know if masternodes ll be done in 2 - 3 months from now.


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                        Hello, Jens and Adzbuzz team need help from us, they do a great job ... in the end we will all be happy and live in abundance ... let is help Jens and be positive because we have never been closer to the goal ... Jens is a great man. .. how many website owners are negotiating with members how developing their program? I think there are few such ... Let's go further, we've never been so close to launching the project
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                          Thanks for this latest update Jens. Well done for the dev team for the job well done. Another positive step towards making a better future.


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                            Hi Jens, thank you and your team for the opportunity you give us and the hard work you've put in. I can imagine it must have been tough at times. Because I really believe that Masternodes are a great addition to the Adzbuzz portfolio I want to ask you how I (and maybe more members of Adzbuzz) can help you to develop the MN's faster. Please let me know as I am really willing to help this project forward.


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                              Thanks for the update, Jens. Nobody has worked harder than you on this project, and it is very much appreciated. Hopefully when these current plans are underway your headaches will get better. Take care!

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