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Promotional tools - Banners now available

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  • Promotional tools - Banners now available

    Hi guys,

    Today we have added some banners to members' account with your affiliate link integrated.

    This would help in your promotional efforts and gain referrals

    You can find them here

    Promotional tools - Banners

    Wish You Luck!

    The ADZbuzz team

    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!

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    Niceeee. I'm going to use them for sure


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      Thanks for sharing will be valuable to our promotions.Thanks


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        I checked out the banners even though they are good we are lacking any banners that directly promotes to crypto-enthusiasts.

        If I was to see that banner I would not have any idea that the project is crypto related and I would think they pay out in dollars, and won't be so interested.

        We need a banner that lets people know they can earn daily crypto and passive income in crypto on ADZbuzz, and/or a banner that promotes the ADZbuzz daily airdrop.

        A specific banner for the crypto community would be great which is what we are missing

        Also we are missing a banner that lets people know they can get life-long advertising on the viral news site ADZbuzz too.


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          You know what would be great also? As Miles said, it would be great to have crypto related banners + i dont know if this is possible but it would be awsome if you guys could somehow made few options of different banners and all we would have to do is type the name of the community or insert link of the community and it would also be showing the name of the community in the banner. I know its kinda strange, but this was just a thought from me .