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Rules/Terms & Conditions for Live Chat

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  • Rules/Terms & Conditions for Live Chat

    Hi, you must be enjoying our Live Chat feature. We hope you do

    The Live Chat feature is available on below pages

    ADZbuzz Communities data
    ADZbuzz Exchange

    We would like to provide some information and define some rules/terms and conditions to guide your engagement in Live Chat. These rules are formed with the intention of optimally utilising the feature to serve the members/visitors better, thereby heading towards the goals of the company which will be in the favor of every member and business as a whole.

    So, let's get ourselves aware of the same and abide by them.
    • The basic idea of live chat is to support members, reply to their queries, clear their doubts, hold their hands and guide them towards places they can get more information on various features of business.
    • You can chat about altcoins/tokens, updates about altcoins/tokens or reasons forming the base of buying or selling them.
    • You can chat about ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens), reasons forming the base of buying/claiming and selling them, link to their trading page in ADZbuzz exchange, your offers on ACT (either buying or selling)
    • You can chat about various features of ADZbuzz in the way it provides knowledge and builds confidence in members, like how to use them, how it benefits, what is their purpose etc.
    • You can chat about your ADZbuzz blog, your blog posts, your blog's community.
    • You can invite people to join your social timeline.
    • You can chat about any article or content of any website you like by inviting people to that article's ADZbuzz community comment page.
    • The chat feature is for P2P interactions. If you have ANYthing to mention to ADZbuzz team or have queries on the developments, have suggestions or have business operation related questions please use the forum.
    • All posts/comments which don't follow these rules/terms and conditions will be deleted.
    • With the progress and continuity of business these rules/terms and conditions may change. Please visit this section from time to time.
    We hope you take responsibility of your actions and follow these rules/terms & conditions.

    Happy chatting!


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