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    Hope you're doing great! First we would like to Welcome all new members. Its our pleasure to have your interest in our business. We hope you have much fun and earn while enjoying your time here!

    Its been a while we shared our thoughts with you so we felt to say Hi!

    As you know, we are occupied by our upcoming platform, Buzzex Exchange. The progress is good and we are also witnessing a good interest during this Pre-launch.

    Buzzex is being created keeping in mind the benefit of traders and investors and hence, BuzzexCoin has many benefits like upto 100% discount, share in the revenue of the exchange, Masternode rewards etc. BuzzexCoin are available to be purchased at a high discount in various phases and currently around 1 million coins are already taken away. We also provide Lifelong Bonus to users who buy coins during pre-launch and more than 580k BZX has been distributed as daily rewards to current buyers. More than 27k traders have registered already and we are witnessing daily signups in hundreds. So, the progress is looking good at the moment.

    Since 40% of Buzzex revenue will be used to buy ADZcoin from the market and use as ADZbuzz profit share, this Buzzex progress is giving us all the more reasons to get excited for ADZbuzz/ADZcoin, because the Buzzex revenue will assist in driving ADZcoin to dollars where it actually belongs.
    For elaboration on how Buzzex will help ADZbuzz/ADZcoin, please read the update as it was first announced. You can find the inter-relation from Page 6 onwards of the update.

    Apart from all the buzz around Buzzex, the ADZbuzz is operating as usual. Members are reading engaging contents from their favorite websites, getting new ideas serving several purposes, plus ACT owners (ADZbuzz Community Tokens) are earning daily from the ADZbuzz profit share. For instance in last 7 days the top 3 communities have earned a total of 9,000ADZ with just around 500 followers per community. This fact shows that ACT has a lot of potential for any member who is ready to put a little effort. More than 1500 users registered in ADZbuzz just this month already. So new members are being introduced to our wonderful platform.

    We have a strong vision for ADZbuzz/ADZcoin and and will keep working to take the business to where it deserves to reach. We love when you enjoy what we have created. Keep your engagement levels high and don't let your excitement fade even a bit because the best is yet to come.

    Keep earning and have fun!

    Wish You Luck!
    The ADZbuzz/Buzzex Team
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!

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    That's great to hear that the top 3 are earning that much and that 1500 new users this month. Very impressive.


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      Yes its really make my day to read this new update things are looking positive now


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        I feel good now and expect better days soon.Thanks