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VMT swap for ACT and Gold membership

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  • VMT swap for ACT and Gold membership


    Today we start the final phase of ADZ swap. This will cover the ACT and Gold membership.
    If you purchased ADZbuzz Communities or Gold membership you'll get the bonus too! More about that later.

    The Process
    Every dollar worth of Gold membership or ADZbuzz Communities purchased will be credited 20 VMT in their Buzzex account. Buyers are required to contact support with their proof of purchase and registered email ID for their Buzzex account, team will verify and credit the applicable VMT.

    Everybody holding ACT's in ADZbuzz can also Withdraw their ACT's from their ADZbuzz account to their Buzzex registered email ID using the withdraw feature in your ADZbuzz wallet. The team will verify and credit the swapped VMT in your Buzzex account at ration (500K VMT's / Total ACT's).

    We have decided to share extra 10% profit with the buyers of Gold membership and ADZbuzz Communities in the VMT profit share once this starts. We will create a list from the support tickets members will raise while sending us their proof of purchase (as mentioned above). Once profit share starts we'll You'll start earning lifelong passive income from the VMT Profit share as well.

    So, let's start the process by either:
    1. Senidng a ticket with proof of payment for gold or community purchases.
    2. Withdrawing your ACT's from ADZbuzz using your Buzzex email to swap them for VMT's in Buzzex.

    That's it for now, have a great day!

    The ADZbuzz Team

    PS: If you have bonus credits in your ADZbuzz account, make sure to exchange them for ACT's so you can withdraw them as VMT's as well!

    UPDATE: Hi, it is requested to send the proof of Gold membership and ADZbuzz Communities purchase for swap, to Buzzex Support instead of ADZbuzz helpdesk. Due to technical issues tickets sent to ADZbuzz helpdesk will not be attended.

    Here's the link to Buzzex support

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    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!

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    I don't know how to do whatever you are talking about I have 725,000 Adzcoins but I don't know how to swap it.


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      You need to open a account and withdraw your adzcoins from adzbuzz to your account. For the withdrawal address, you enter your email address.


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        Originally posted by hotspot View Post
        I don't know how to do whatever you are talking about I have 725,000 Adzcoins but I don't know how to swap it.
        Hi, as dollarbill mentioned you just need to create a Buzzex account and withdraw your ADZcoin to that by entering in the Withdrawal address, your email ID with which you registered in Buzzex.
        Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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          Can someone do it for me? I have 3 VIP Positions, meaning everything should be done for me. That was the main reason I purchased them. To have everything done for me. I don't like messing with things I am not familiar with. The reason I purchased 762,000 Adzcoins was I figured when it when up in price I would sell some of them and make a profit. That never happened as Jens predicted. Now I have all these coins and don't understand what is being done to make money with Bussex. I don't understand all the terminology. I don't understand any of this.


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            Originally posted by hotspot View Post
            Can someone do it for me?
            Nope (well, I could do it for you if you gave me ALL your account credentials etc, but would you really want to do that? You shouldn't btw, never trust anyone you don't know).

            And no one ever said that "everything" would be done for you (I think). We need to do some things ourselves.

            Where are your ADZcoins now? In your local wallet? In an ADZbuzz wallet? In an exchange? If they are in a local wallet or in an exchange then send them to (any) ADZbuzz ADZ wallet on your account. After the coins are in ADZbuzz you can swap them for VMT by doing a withdrawal. When doing the withdrawal the system will ask you for the withdrawal address, but here you don't need to specify any actual ADZ/VMT address, instead you need to specify your registered e-mail address as the target address.

            However, if you don't yet have an account on, you need to create an account there first.

            Here is the link to register there (without any referrer):
            Or if you want to become my referral on you can use this link instead:

            You can use either link, it's not that important, the main thing is that you create an account on so that you can turn your ADZ into VMT. You have a (very) substantial amount of ADZ, so it would be a shame if you didn't get them swapped.

            So, if you don't yet have an account on, create one. Then follow the instructions above. I will be monitoring this thread for a few days to see that you get this swap done.


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              Oops, it looks like there are still many communities that have not been tokenized, so the ACTs for those can't be swapped. After this announcement I started to go through my communities for the swap and I noticed that at least 81 of the communities where I have a very high ownership (98% or higher) are not tokenized (I never wanted to sell any of those ACTs, so I didn't notice this problem earlier).

              I submitted a ticket about this issue last night so hopefully the team will do something to remedy the situation.


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                When I go to sign up it says the email has already been taken unless I already signed up and forgot about it.


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                  I found my account and all my coins are in my Adzbuss wallet. Can you make the swap for me Terithel? If you can and I don't see them I will know where all my coins went to.


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                    In buying VMT's it shows I have to swap my coins for bitcoin to buy VMT's. I am not familiar with doing that. I would need help.


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                      Originally posted by hotspot View Post
                      I found my account and all my coins are in my Adzbuss wallet.
                      Ok good. Now you need an account at Do you have one? If not, then go and create an account there, you can find a link for that in my previous post.

                      I will not touch your account, you will have to do the swap yourself, but I will guide you through the process. After you have an account at then we can proceed with the next step.


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                        Okay! I have a


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                          Originally posted by hotspot View Post
                          Okay! I have a
                          Good. Then I need to know which ADZbuzz wallet your coins are in. Go to the ADZbuzz wallet where the coins are and then copy the address from your web browser's address line and post it here. Don't worry, nobody can get to your coins via that link, when I click it I get to my respective wallet at ADZbuzz and then I know which type of ADZbuzz wallet your coins are in and then I can give further advice. For example: This is the link to my ADZbuzz Web wallet: . If you click that, you will be taken to *your* ADZbuzz Web Wallet, not mine. So these links are safe to post. After you post the link, I can give you the instructions for the withdrawal, there should only be one step after this one.


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                              Originally posted by hotspot View Post
                              Ok, good. Read *all* of these instructions carefully before doing anything.

                              Now go to that page and click the Dashboard button (upper right corner) and select the Withdraw option. Now you should get a new page with the following fields:
                              Withdrawable Balance : <This just show your available ADZcoin balance in the wallet>
                              To address: <put your e-mail here>
                              Exchange for Ad Space: LEAVE THIS CHECKBOX UNTICKED!!!
                              Amount: Specify the amount of ADZcoins that you want to turn into VMTs.

                              Then click the Withdraw button. After that I believe (not sure, it's been a while since I did this) you will get another page that tells you that a confirmation code for the withdrawal is required and that it has been sent to your e-mail address. The page will contain a field where you are supposed to put the verification code. Now leave the browser as it is and wait for the e-mail to arrive (it should take only a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive). After you have received the e-mail, copy the confirmation code from the e-mail to the respective field in the web page and then click "Submit request" (or something like that, it's been a while since I did this). After submitting the withdrawal request it may take a few hours to a few days until the VMTs will appear on your account, so be patient.

                              A word of advice: When you do your first withdrawal, specify only a small amount of ADZ to be swapped (something like 10-100 ADZ). After you see the swapped VMTs on your account you can withdraw the rest. This is just to make sure you understand the procedure and don't accidentally mess up the withdrawal.

                              And make sure that you use the e-mail address that you registered with (for the field "To address") when creating a withdrawal.

                              I hope this helps.