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Social Media Contest (July 12 - 18, 2018)

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  • Social Media Contest (July 12 - 18, 2018)

    Hello Buzzers!

    While we are busy on creating the marketing materials and promotional videos, we will launch our first Social Media Contest for our ADZbuzz project.

    The title of our social media contest today is “The Daily Airdrop Buzz.”

    As the title suggest, we tend to create a buzz around our Free 100 tokens daily.

    CONTEST PERIOD: July 12 - 18, 2018 (7 days straight)

    Contest Prizes:
    Top 1: 500 ADZ + 1500 ADZ* = 2000 ADZ Total
    Top 2: 300 ADZ + 1200 ADZ* = 1500 ADZ Total
    Top 3: 200 ADZ + 900 ADZ* = 1100 ADZ Total

    ...and 7 Lucky Draw Winners will win: 50 ADZ each + 200 ADZ* more = 250 ADZ Total

    Qualified social media outlet for this contest:
    • Facebook or Instagram
    • Twitter
    • GooglePlus
    • Reddit
    • Steemit

    Who can Join?
    All members, new and old, can join this contest. In fact, we encourage everyone to enjoy and join this social media contest.

    How to join?
    Just post about your daily claim of your free 100 daily tokens from ADZbuzz with screenshot or video. And give a little description about your claims for that day. And please use the hashtag #adzbuzzdailyairdrop and attach it to each of your postings.

    How to Win?
    Top 3 users with the highest accumulated score on all their qualified entries will win a guaranteed prize, and 7 more winners will be drawn by lots (electronically) and win the consolation prizes.

    Scoring and Draw Qualification:

    Each social media post will be scored according to the following factors (social media interactions / actions):
    • Basic reactions (likes and other reactions) = 1 point
    • Shared by other social media users = 5 points
    • Comments = 1 point for every unique and relevant comment

    Each unique post about the topic will be one ticket to the electronic drawing - only 1 post per social media outlet per day will be qualified for the drawings (no need to spam the social media networks with too many posts, just be natural).

    Other Requirement/s:
    The post has to be public so that we can easily verify the stats.

    To submit your entry, just reply to this thread with your entry details.

    Example entry:

    Hello guys! These are my entries for today, July 11, 2018:

    Posted on facebook: [LINK TO POST]
    Posted on Twitter: [LINK TO POST]
    Posted on GooglePlus: [LINK TO POST]
    Posted on Reddit: [LINK TO POST]
    Posted on Steemit: [LINK TO POST]

    **Please include a Screenshot to each of your posting as well.

    Don’t forget, you can send your NEW official entries every single day of the entire duration of this short contest.

    Feedback and Recommendations:

    We appreciate all your feedback so if you have one, please don’t hesitate to send me a private message or let’s discuss it on a thread in an appropriate section so we can keep this thread nice and clean and serve its intended purpose.

    Thank You and Happy Buzzing!
    * = Additional Prize courtesy of CrazyCrypto
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ADZbuzz Token Claim.png Views:	2 Size:	135.9 KB ID:	22126



    # Forum Username Sum of Total Score Contest Prize
    1st chhotu1995 1781 2000 adzcoins
    2nd john_noah 358 1500 adzcoins
    3rd mb001589 266 1100 adzcoins
    *See the screenshot below for your reference:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1st_Contest_Result.png
Views:	1
Size:	33.8 KB
ID:	22700

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1st_Contest_Result_2.png
Views:	1
Size:	17.8 KB
ID:	22699

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    Nice contest. I hope that this will attract a lot of new members to our project when we will posting around the social pages


    • #3
      I ll do it , but i dont need 500 Adzcoins, i hope we get many new members on board with that. I think its good idea . Thanks jhayag for your work.

      ps.: when can we expect 2nd competition??


      • jhayag
        jhayag commented
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        From now on, we will be having regular Social Media contest. You can expect one after the other. Of course, with a different or modified theme so that our participants will not get bored.

      • CrazyCrypto
        CrazyCrypto commented
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        Well consider me in, i ll try to help us much as possible, be sure about that i ll giveaway more coins in the future if i ll like the contest. Ps.: need to turn around some more money to be able to buy more Adzcoins

    • #4

      Since i m the bag holder of Adzcoins i have decided to contribute myself to this contest too.

      Adzbuzz is offering 500 ADZ for 1st place, 300 for 2nd and 200 for 3rd.

      I ll give away 5.000 Adzcoins

      1st place ll get 1500 Adzcoins
      2nd place ll get 1200 Adzcoins
      3rd place ll get 900 Adzcoins

      7 lucky draw winners ll each get 200 Adzcoins.

      I hope they ll announce all 10 "Winners"!!

      Go grab free coins .
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      • CrazyCrypto
        CrazyCrypto commented
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        Your welcome jhayag

      • CrazyCrypto
        CrazyCrypto commented
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        Buy order was partially filled so there is no worry that i wont have them ready

      • Ammikas
        Ammikas commented
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        Wow! Hats off for your generosity.

    • #5
      Good job guys, nice to see such competitions coming out, thanks for that! This is very specific and targeted, so hopefully will help to bring in new people. Even myself will try to participate, though I am not a big social media guy.

      One point jhayag and JensSteyaert , I realized the forum attendace is very limited recently, so not sure how many people this notice will reach here. Therefore I think it would be very important to display it on the main ADZbuzz platform ASAP as well either as a pop up or in the notification section (probably rather as popup) and link it back to this post. In that way we can reach much more potential participants and the impact may be bigger!
      Last edited by Matt_Rocass; 07-11-2018, 04:40 PM.
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      • Ammikas
        Ammikas commented
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        Good suggestion. Also the email campaign would not be bad

        More people know about it, better the result will be.

      • tris
        tris commented
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        Amen to that.

      • jhayag
        jhayag commented
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        Thanks for coming up with this idea Matt_Rocass. I already have requested the Dev team to implement this quickly

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      Wait isn't the 100 daily token thing going to be cancelled in the future based on the latest update? Or did i read it wrong?
      Check out my communities:


      • Matt_Rocass
        Matt_Rocass commented
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        No, only 75% will be sold and the rest will be there for bonus tokens

    • #7
      jhayag Please change the period so that everyone will read this update. Might be from 14th July to 19th July.
      ​​​​​​​One more question do retweet from twitter will count for the ?


      • jhayag
        jhayag commented
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        Don't worry Praju123, we still have future contest after this. And yes, retweeting do counts, it's equivalent to fb sharing...

      • Praju123
        Praju123 commented
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        Thank you for clarifying.

    • #8
      I guess I'll be first..........

      Posted to Twitter =
      Click image for larger version  Name:	7.11.18.jpg Views:	1 Size:	169.3 KB ID:	22190

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        Here's mine for July 12 :-)


        Happy buzzing :-)



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          Here's mine for today July 12

          Facebook -
          Twitter -
          Google+ -
          Reddit -


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            Great Contest - Have entered here with Twitter :
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              Great contest here's mine for July 12

              Facebook :
              Twitter :


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                Mine is here
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                  Here is Mine: 12th July'2018

                  Posted On Google Plus :

                  Posted On Face Book :

                  Posted On Twitter :
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                  Mine for July 12:

                  Discover The World


                  • Ammikas
                    Ammikas commented
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                    Content not available

                  • jhayag
                    jhayag commented
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                    Hi Matt_Rocass, please correct you link asap to verify your entry. Thanks