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    Hello Buzzer,
    First week contest is over. So let's get ready for 2nd week contest. Participate in contest and put your efforts to win contest. More participants means more advertising videos.

    ADZbuzz need more participants to succeed. So let's start. All the best to all of u.


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      jhayag Do we have zoom call today?


      • jhayag
        jhayag commented
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        Yes chhotu1995, we will do live drawing for the lucky winners at exactly 8am GMT. Just a few minutes from now.

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      Hello Everyone, here's the link to join the live call

      Please join, we have surprises for you...


      • Ammikas
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        Congrats to all this week's winners

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      Congratulations to all the winners on "How to claim your Free Daily Tokens in ADZbuzz" tutorial video.

      Since there were only 7 valid entries on this contest, the allocated prizes for the 8th, 9th, and 10th winner for the lucky draw has been distributed to the winners.

      And those who have joined the live call even if they weren't able to joined the contest had been given 50 ADZ each. So, make sure to join the live call next time.

      How to Claim the Prize?

      To claim your prize, we require you to post to at least one of your favorite social media outlet that you win in the contest and then post the link of your social media post as comment on this thread.

      Thanks for your continued support!

      The 2nd contest is ON! Be the next winner!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	How_to_claim_your_Free_Daily_Tokens_in_ADZbuzz.png
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ID:	23327
      Click image for larger version  Name:	How to claim your Free Daily Tokens in ADZbuzz.JPG Views:	1 Size:	44.2 KB ID:	23326

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      Hello guys! This is my official entry for the video contest about “How to react and interact with your favorite article through ADZbuzz?”.

      Hope you like it :-)


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        jhayag when you will upload yesterday's recorded zoom call on YouTube? So that those who missed can watch it.


        • chhotu1995
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          Still waiting for this.

        • jhayag
          jhayag commented
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          The video has been posted. See in the comment thread below.

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        This is my entry for this weeks contest: How to react and interact with your favourite article through ADZbuzz?

        I am also giving away another KIN Giveaway to people that like my video and support me in this contest. You can read about it here.

        Thank you for all the support!


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          Hello guys! This is my official entry for this week’s video contest about “How to react and interact with your favorite article through ADZbuzz”.

          ​​​​​I am not professional in making video but i just tried to contribute for this contest.

          If you like my video then comment and upvote my video.


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            Hello Buzzers!

            Here is the link for the recent zoom call for the first week contest result. You can view it here >

            And we are inviting everyone to join the live call every Friday.

            Comment down your positive thoughts, suggestions, and time availability so we can improve things and move the call if needed.



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              The OP has been updated for the 3rd Week Contest topic.

              Please note that you can make all the videos in advance, post it, make it viral, and use it as an entry for the contest when the time comes.

              I am also encouraging you guys to make any tutorial videos of the topics you like and upload it to your social media accounts.

              You may refer to Miles comprehensive list of tutorial topics:

              The ADZbuzz team will be browsing all your videos, and if your videos will be selected, it will be added to the tutorial video archive in full credits to you, the owner.


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                My official entry to this weeks contest: "How To Interact With The Content In ADZbuzz - How to like, comment and share articles to other social media platforms with your ADZbuzz affiliate link"

                If you like the video, comment, like and share. And again if I win something with this contest I will give all my winnings away. I will choose 2 random people who liked the post in ADZbuzz and share 100% of my winnings with them.

                < ADZWORLD > (Everything about ADZbuzz)

                Join my communities and get FREE coins!


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                  Hello Buzzers,

                  You still have around 15 hours to win the contest! Do whatever it takes to win the Top Prize worth 3000 ADZcoin.

                  But for those who have not submitted their entry yet, don't be discourage, submit your entry now. You may not win the top prize, but you will probably be one of the lucky winners that will bag a minimum of 150 ADZcoin as we will be having 10 lucky winners per week.

                  And, I am inviting everyone in advance to join our live call tomorrow at 8AM GMT via Zoom call.

                  We will be giving away ADZcoins for those who will attend the live call on time. So don't be late!

                  Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

                  Or iPhone one-tap :
                  US: +16465588665,,2587985887# or +14086380986,,2587985887#
                  Or Telephone:
                  Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
                  US: +1 646 558 8665 or +1 408 638 0986
                  Meeting ID: 258 798 5887
                  International numbers available:


                  Happy Buzzing everyone!
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                  Has the call started? Im waiting for "the host to start this meeting".


                  • jhayag
                    jhayag commented
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                    Hello TraceMD, in 40 mins... the call will start.

                  • TraceMD
                    TraceMD commented
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                    Great thanks! jhayag see you then

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                  Congratulations to all the winners on “How to React and Interact about your favorite article through ADZbuzz” tutorial video creation contest.

                  And since there were only 4 entries on the last contest, we were able to gave away some ADZcoins not only to the lucky winners but also to the live call participants.

                  Here comes the winners and the prizes!

                  Congratulations to our Winner based on Net ADZbuzz Votes:
                  Ivan Clint A. Pabelona / icpabelona = 3000 ADZ

                  Lucky winners:
                  1st: Prashant Desai / chhotu1995 = 150 + 350*(surprise bonus) = 500 ADZ
                  2nd: Armin Pajula / Ammikas = 150 + 150* = 300 ADZ
                  3rd: Miles Laval / mb001589 = 150 + 100* = 250 ADZ

                  Live call participants have been given away 55 ADZ each by just being present on the live call. So, join next time and you may receive free ADZcoins too.

                  (Special thanks to CrazyCrypto for the additional prizes)

                  Here is the link of the live zoom call for this contest.
                  You can view it here >

                  How to Claim the Prize?
                  1. Post to at least one of your favourite social media outlet that you win in the contest
                  2. Comment the link of your social media post on this thread's reply that announces the official winners of the weekly contest
                  3. Include your ADZbuzz Exchange's ADZcoin deposit address in your comment - that's where we will send your winnings (this is where you check your deposit address:

                  Thanks for your continued support!

                  And don't forget to submit your entry on our current contest about "How to check how many Tokens you already have accumulated".

                  Be the next winner!

                  Sorry guys for being nervous in front of the camera.

                  I am an affiliate marketer specializing in Email marketing arena for more than 10+years. I am just working behind the scene, setting up servers, and networking with affiliate marketers / email marketers like me.

                  I never told that I will be hosting live calls in ADZbuzz. In the first place, I don't like hosting live calls really. But since the promotional videos and other marketing materials are not ready yet, lack of budget and only using available resources, I have no choice but to accept the challenge. However, I am willing to learn and develop myself though.

                  But when everything is ready for massive promotion, I can promise you to bring in these bigtime affiliates, email marketers to promote ADZbuzz. Just wait for it and let's work together to make it happen fast.

                  Winners never quit and quitters never win - Vince Lombardi

                  Join our Telegram Channels

                  The Official ADZbuzz & ADZcoin News Announcement Channel

                  The Official ADZcoin Project Discussion Group

                  Also, join to CrazyCrypto 's "Weekly profit share Contest"

                  ...and ARMIN's ADZ Giveaway

                  A big thanks to you all!
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	participants.png Views:	1 Size:	26.0 KB ID:	23557

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