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Why should add ADZlink?

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  • Why should add ADZlink?

    camohitmishra I ask many people to add ADZlink to their website. But I got confused to answer them when they ask some question.
    1. Why should add ADZlink?
    2. Why company will pay just for adding ADZlink?
    3. How earnings get determined?
    4. What are the benefits of adding ADZlink?

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    Hi, You can count them the benefits from your personal experience, that will be more convincing to them as you can show them the proofs and I believe you're one of the highest earner from ADZbuzz. By the way congrats on that

    To answer your questions
    1 - ADZlink provide the publishers the benefits of extra traffic and extra income stream without tracking the visitors like other advertisements do. Moreover, currently after update, the ADZlink also contains the link to publishers' community on ADZbuzz which means when people sign up through that, publisher will get lifelong referral plus more followers of their community. We will keep on improving ADZlink and other more things that will help publishers.

    2 - ADZlink is a small branding icon. So through ADZlink, ADZbuzz is getting a kind of advertisement. Also ADZbuzz gets more users when website visitors signup to ADZbuzz using referral link of publishers existing inside ADZlink.

    3 - There are various metrices that determine the earnings. We can't disclose them to avoid possibility of duping. Also we alter the algorithm continuously to add or delete the metrices to improve the system. However, for an idea, number of visitors of the the website will effect the earnings.So publisher needs to publish quality content on their website and satisfy more and more visitors of his website.

    4 - Already described in first point

    Have a good luck marketing your referral link
    Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


    • chhotu1995
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      Thank you camohitmishra and its just a beginning. I believe that I am just earning fraction more earning is waiting for us.

      Thanx for all you answer this will help me to getting more publisher on the board.

    • camohitmishra
      camohitmishra commented
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      My pleasure

      And yes, ADZbuzz will help thousands of people who will utilise the opportunity. With our concept every community owner can earn a full time income with a little work.