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Way to Increase Adzcoin Price

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  • Way to Increase Adzcoin Price

    As Adzbuzz will launch their own crypto trade, it will better if everyone can advertise on the web. So when the trader trade, they can also see the adzbuzz Ad, and this will make interesting to anyone to advertise as their ad will be seen, as we knew that to advertise we must burn adzcoin to adcredit, it will make adzcoin in circulation lower and lower so the price of adzcoin will increase

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    Other ways : Adzbuzz can make an adspot like a-ads, mellowads, cointraffict or like this


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      Indeed the ADZcoin/Bitcoin exchange could explode our project in a good way


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        Yes, exchange, trading platform will give us really big push up and I believe it will be great and big with time.


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          Our exchange will in our opinion become one of the main income sources, especially when we add 100+ more coins to trade and all in combination with ADZcoin and Bitcoin. If you see the volume on even mediocre exchanges then you know these make a lot of money as most have a 0.2% fee on every trade. You can calculate yourself to understand how much they make.

          As for promos we have the huge advantage of selling products on our paltform as well. One simple but very effective marketing strategy will be to accept all the coins we list as a form of payment for all of our products and mention this to the coin creators and supporters. Every coin has a group of loyal followers who want to see the coin gain more adoption, so they will start promotng the fact the ADZbuzz accepts their coin. That's just how it goes, and the fact that we have a mainstream platform with a lot new people to crypto on board will certainly help to make them spread the word.

          So this strategy will both increase liquidity on our exchange and help to spread the word about our exchange. And then, with every trade more and more ADZcoins will be burned to slowly but surely push the value up.
          Welcome To The ADZbuzz Project!

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          • Praju123
            Praju123 commented
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            Yesterday you did ADZ/BTC pair test. What was the result? And when it will push on live website?

          • JavaMan
            JavaMan commented
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            Could you explain how adzcoin burnt while in trading. How it works?

          • Ammikas
            Ammikas commented
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            I didn't grasp the magnitude of having the option to purchase ADZbuzz products/services with every coin available in our exchange in your last update. It just now hit me. This is another huge way to increase our member base

            Cannot wait for 2018. The ball will be pushed rolling so heavily that no one can slow it down anymore

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          what a brilliant plan, I am so excited that i just can`t hide it. ADZcoin to the moon soon!!!!


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            When this will be available?
            how many communities has been sold so far?


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              Praju123 and benito971 We don't have anything substantial to declare yet. It will be announced when we gain some confidence.

              JavaMan ADZcoin are not burnt while in trading. Its burnt to acquire the ad space on ADZbuzz network. You send ADZcoin to the burnt address and when the confirmations are over the ad credits are credited to your account. You can acqure ad credits through this page. . Just check mark "Exchange for Ad Space" while withdrawing the coins.
              Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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                camohitmishra, JensSteyaert Can we expect it live this year or not? Are the testing done?


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                  Originally posted by CrazyCrypto View Post
                  camohitmishra, JensSteyaert Can we expect it live this year or not? Are the testing done?
                  Hi, as mentioned above, we will announce when we gain confidence. The developers are trying their best to complete it ASAP. We strongly hope it will be this year.
                  Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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                    Jens & devs,
                    please put all testing for next 10 days aside. What is done is done!

                    Just relax and enjoy Christmas and New Year Holidays with your families!

                    Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

                    But then - hoping for some really big explosion in January.....


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                      And we also can raise prices buy improving adzcoin tech after adzbuzz is out of beta.
                      Check out my communities:



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                        Originally posted by andrazpezdirc

                        Please once more make it safe.
                        Check what happened with eDelta recently... this must not happen here
                        If our exchange is not safe and it gets hacked for a substantial amount that can be the downfall of our project. So a lot of success is riding on the security of the exchange as well. But Jens and his team already know that and how important it is. We have already had our running with being hacked in the early days and managed to recover the coins and have learned from it. So I’m sure they are making it their up most priority of having a really secure exchange with all coins at all times being stored offline in cold wallets that are backed up and secured​​​​​​.
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                          I am sure they takes security very serious, I mean all our coins are stored in a offline wallet so yeah they take it pretty seriously


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                            I am thinking that security is and will be of the autmost priority for the exchange