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Let's Start Using our Services Site Religiously

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  • Let's Start Using our Services Site Religiously

    Hello Buzzers!

    Seeing only few gig orders from our services site at the moment, I am wondering maybe the community is not fully utilizing the site yet which maybe normal on new sites like services which was just few weeks (or a month) old.

    However, I am sure we can make this site (our services site) to start to be visible to the rest of world by starting to utilize it.

    I see about 50+ gigs posted already which is a good number for a site that is not heavily promoted. However, there are only a few gig orders. Maybe it's just that no gigs matches what you would like to order or get done yet.

    ADZbuzz social site (the main site) has thousands of members. But let's not talk about those numbers. We will just talk about the active members we have here in forum which is over 100. Even if only these 100 members would utilize the site religiously, it will create a continuous and viral impact to our services site. I am sure each of us has some micro-jobs that we wish to have done by someone else from time to time. This will free us some time and spend it more valuable like spending quality time with our wife, husband or kids... family. Or to attend to a business meeting or personal training, etc...

    But maybe the ones that you want done is not yet offered on our services site, right? If that's the case, don't worry. You can go to your ADZbuzz Services account and post for a Job request. Any job that you want done for at least $5 and save you time more than the dollar that you pay for. I am sure someone here in our community, even only from the 100 active forum members, may take the job or knows someone who can get the job done and is willing to take it.

    So maybe just add this checks on our morning routine:

    1. What job do I need done today? Or what services that I need to acquire?
    2. Among these jobs or services, which ones am I willing to outsource for at least $5?
    3. If you have items from #2, visit our Services site and search if there are existing gigs that matches the job or service you're looking for
    4. If no gig matches yet, go ahead and post a job request
    5. Share your job request to your favorite social media site to announce it to your followers who may take the job or know someone who can do the job.
    6. Check for job request by other members too. If you can and will do the job, you can send and offer. If you can't do the job, share it to your favorite social media site to announce it to your followers who may take the job or know someone who can do the job.

    Number 5 & 6 will not only help us here get the job or services that we are looking for but also helps make our Services site go viral. And if you do it right, you can bring in more ADZbuzz referrals too.

    Let's see how many "real" job requests gets posted this week. (-:

    Keep Buzzing!
    Eat to Work. Work to Live. In this exact order.

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    Agree! I look around almost every day in the market if there is any good offer, but did not find so far any. I do not have any specific job request at the moment, but if see something interesting happy to try! If we can increase the seller presence that brings more purchases, too!
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      I have started advertising on 60 FB pages and will do more to put the word out.Relying on500 forum members is not going to get you anywhere.They already know about it and are not useing.


      • survivor
        survivor commented
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        Thanks. (-:

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      The quickest way to get ADZbuzz and/or it's market place more traction is by marketing it. Marketing is what would make any of our platforms take off. I know marketing is not cheap, but maybe if you offer a similar system like you do with ADZbuzz whereby people can buy referrals it would also benefit the market place to help market it.

      Otherwise traction would only grow slowly.


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        Hi survivor , I think a FAQ on each new website you make would help to understand the all concept and how it could be beneficial here for a seller or a buyer to join ADZbuzz service


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          Fiverr marketplace has a similar concept and it has a large user base. Could we maybe make some leverage there to attract those users into ADZbuzz service market as well? For the sellers it is an another platform where they can find customers.
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            How long must I wait for approval of my job?


            • survivor
              survivor commented
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              It should just be within 48 hours under normal circumstance. If you have a job that is waiting approval for too long, please don't hesitate to contact support. (-:

            • MarBob
              MarBob commented
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              How? I dont see support feature there.

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            Hi the administrator and participants of a forum didn't consider such offer, for all new users to add encouragement for example (180-200)ADZ = $5 - this sum is paid by those who wants new referrals. You create a purse as for donation, participants grant the sums in адз or $ there (but for this purpose you need to fasten the account of the participant of ADZBUZZ in $ that to fill up him through payment service providers or the VISA/MasterCard Cards) if at a good flow of new users with ADZ purchase the price smoothly goes to $ up or to leave in ADZ all the same we will buy them at the exchange well by that to whom they are necessary for a payment to a referral (the new user), at a forum where that there was a subject for $50 to bring to raise a price bar of ADZ (we so will never hold her), and here pay for work. So we grant the sum which will go for new participants you establish % which we have to pay for service (transfer from the main account into the account of the new user). Now we receive a referral which will be active, but not dead (as many will want to receive money for registration) - and here the new user has to leave on 5 known websites and forums 3 comments about ADZBUZZ and to make a screenshot from each website of each response. You control that accounts of one person (blocking of the account) didn't propagate if the person deceives. He receives the sum in that case when performs these tasks. It is possible to transfer virtually to his account for visual visibility, and actually for a conclusion when we receive screenshots and from you still distribution of referrals as the multilevel partner program. We will sum up the results we pay for a referral which will bring still new (we place posts with news that ADZbuzz pays for new users) and voila you gain more users distribution of ADZbuzz as will often sparkle at forums, additional ADZ from % and smaller investments for advertizing. Well and as always to make a competition at whom it is more than new referrals to that a prize, we will equal chances for all, both for old and for new participants. Excuse for bad English


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              Подумать, доработать, нужна популярность ADZbuzz с ее функциями и услугами.