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BuzzexCoin ubuntu 16.04 masternode setup guide

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  • BuzzexCoin ubuntu 16.04 masternode setup guide

    I created step by step masternode setup guide how to install your new masternode on vps Ubuntu 16.04 server + make how to make and run multiple masternodes on 1 vps.

    ​I tried to make it as simple as possible for those who just going to begin their adventure with masternodes.
    This guide let you install 1 masternode on 1 vps server and require at least 10001 bzx coins in your wallet. If you want setup more then 1 masternode you must have multiple amount of coins to proceed with each setup separately and on new separate vps server.
    Only different is that you will add next line in your masternode.conf file below first one.

    I hope you will enjoyed 😉​​​​​
    its pdf file

    Multiple setup based on previous guide

    Im running currently 14 buzzexnodes on single $5 Vultr server and all goes very well, cpu ~20%, disk usage 37% and memory also not complaining lol

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-10-20_083920.jpg Views:	1 Size:	298.7 KB ID:	24237

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    Thanks for the information its really very usefull to every one
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      Thank you, i hope so 😉
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    andhum Thanks for this pdf and thanks for placing in forum where everybody can see and access.


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      You welcome, there is only "if" everyone still visiting forum 😀

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    Thanks for the tutorial, waiting for the advanced setup too (multiple masternodes in one VPS)
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      @andhum appriciated your hard work...thanks for sharing...


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        Originally posted by Ammikas View Post
        Thanks for the tutorial, waiting for the advanced setup too (multiple masternodes in one VPS)
        I will post such a guide here in the forum tomorrow at some point. It is almost ready but some work still needs to be done. It has taken a lot of time to add support for BZX to the Nodemaster script and test it and create additional utilities to make the process as easy as possible for people that are not the developer types. I was going to post it today but then I realized that I could make the process even easier for the non-technical people so I made some additional utilities for various parts of the setup process and now I have to re-write some parts of the guide.


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          That's great news, this automated script will help a lot many people. Thanks for that!
          I suppose to post another guide but also have luck of time to do it.

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        "14 buzzexnodes on single $5 Vultr server"- That is great ! 14 buzzexnodes on a single server ! Do you mean to say you paid $5 for a single server? (2) Secondly, must we leave our pc on all the time while the mining is going on ?


        • andhum
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          Yes, that's what i mean
          re 2 no, turn of pc any time you want, masternodes working on the server no need keep pc ON.

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        Hi andhum

        Since your guide does not provide instructions on how to make the MN's auto-restartable some people have been asking me for instructions for the auto-restart aspect. Instead of writing my own guide for that I though that I would just provide the technical stuff and you can update your guide to include those instructions (I'm not really the teacher / tutorial writing type of a person, I'm more of a developer / tech nerd type of a person ).

        I'm leaving out the parts on how to edit files etc, I'm just describing the tech stuff.

        I'm describing the process for one node (in this case node 1), the same process can be applied to however many MN's the VPS has. And this is for Ubuntu 16.04 although it will work on many other Linux distros as well (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint at least).

        1) Create a file /etc/systemd/system/buzzexcoin_n1.service (this is for node 1) with the following contents (the part between the SNIP's):
        --- SNIP ---
        Description=buzzexcoin distributed currency daemon


        ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/buzzexcoind -daemon -pid=/var/lib/masternodes/buzzexcoin1/ -conf=/etc/masternodes/buzzexcoin_n1.conf -datadir=/var/lib/masternodes/buzzexcoin1


        --- SNIP ---

        2) Edit the user and group to match the user and group under which you want the MN to be run.
        3) Edit the PIDFile path to point to the data directory of node 1.
        4) Edit the ExecStart parameters to match the location of the MN binary (buzzexcoind), the pidfile, the conf file and the datadir to match the locations for your MN 1.
        5) Save the file.
        6) Change the owner and group of the file to root:
        chown root /etc/systemd/system/buzzexcoin_n1.service
        chgrp root /etc/systemd/system/buzzexcoin_n1.service
        7) Change the permissions of the file to 644:
        chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/buzzexcoin_n1.service

        Now you have the essentials for making node 1 an auto-restartable service on the VPS.


        Then run these commands:
        systemctl enable buzzexcoin_n1
        systemctl start buzzexcoin_n1

        The first command will make node 1 an auto-restartable system service. The second one will start node 1. After this node 1 should be running and if the VPS happens to reboot for any reason node 1 will be restarted automatically after reboot.

        Afterwards if you want to shut down node 1 run this command:
        systemctl stop buzzexcoin_n1

        This command will shut down node 1. You can restart it with the command:
        systemctl start buzzexcoin_n1

        If you want to remove node 1 from being an auto-restartable system service, first stop it:
        systemctl stop buzzexcoin_n1

        and then disable it:
        systemctl disable buzzexcoin_n1

        If you are running more than one MN's on the VPS, repeat the process for each MN you are running on your VPS (create a separate .service file for each node etc).

        That's it, I hope this helps.