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Useful resources for setting up and managing your Linux VPS

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  • Useful resources for setting up and managing your Linux VPS

    How to deploy vultr server (instance) in less than 5 minutes
    (I'm using the $5 version, Ubuntu 16.04, IPV6 enabled and such a VPS can easily run more than 10 masternodes)

    MASTERNODE SECURITY TUTORIAL - How to Install Basic Security on your LINUX / UBUNTU VPS Masternode
    (BTW If you are using my tutorial that uses Nodemaster you don't have to do these things, Nodemaster does all that for you automatically (except that you have to change the root password yourself)).

    Putty guide (for setting up Putty on Windows and connecting to you Linux VPS and working with the Linux command line environment):

    WinSCP Guide (part 1, setting up WinSCP on Windows):

    WinSCP Guide (part 2, transferring files between your Windows computer and your VPS):

    For Linux I found a great course on Youtube that covers all the basics that you need to manage your Linux VPS (basic commands for moving around in the file system, editing files from the command line etc) and much more. I watched a few of those videos and they are very beginner friendly and easy to understand. I recommend this course for everyone who is new to Linux and wants to run masternodes on a Linux VPS.

    The course is not for setting up masternodes, but it teaches you how to work with a Linux command line environment. Don't worry about the more advanded lessons, just watch the parts for using basic commands and text file editing. You can always learn about the more advanced stuff later if you like.

    The course is presented using a Ubuntu desktop version using Terminal command line environment. You can do all the same things in a Putty session (start Putty and connect to your VPS and off you go). Or you can set up a Linux virtual machine on your computer and practice using the command line environment just like it's shown in the videos. There is also a tutorial for setting up a Linux virtual machine on your computer with Virtualbox in the playlist.

    Linux Sysadmin Basics

    If you want to run masternodes on a Linux VPS and you are new to Linux, I highly recommend that you take the time to learn the basics on how to use a Linux command line environment, you'll thank yourself later if you do.
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    Thanks for sharing, these resources can help a lot of members.