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    Personally I don't invest in Bitcoin I just use it as a currency.

    As for its price it always jumps up and down. Just look at its value fluctuations on an All-Time chart here:

    Yes, Bitcoin has lost value from being worth nearly $20k in Dec 2017. But at the same time, during this time last year Bitcoin was worth just $1200 and right now it is worth $8500. So Bitcoin is still more valuable than it was a year ago.

    I think Bitcoin would rise up again and its value could reach even higher than $20k.

    As for the affects it has on ADZcoin, in the short-term it may affect ADZcoin prices by causing it to fall as well with it. But in the long-run if ADZbuzz becomes successful I don't see Bitcoin's fluctuations having that much influence over the price of ADZcoins. Because the user base and the ecosystem built around ADZcoin would determine its value, regardless of how Bitcoin performs.

    But that is what I think. It would be good to hear other people's views too.

    Update the latest news about LTC at Coinwhalenews:
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