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Rainbow Currency - Everyday’s Money

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  • Rainbow Currency - Everyday’s Money

    Rainbow Currency is traded on selected exchanges: TWNKL

    US$0.0004 (+300.0%)

    ERC20 Compliant

    Click Here for Token Address

    Total Supply: 100 Billion Coins

    Circulating Supply: 40,000,000,000

    Market Capitalization: US$16,000,000.00

    The Rainbow Currency is different ? it has been created by more than 3,200 Internet users from 157 different countries. For the first time ever, a cryptocurrency is launched by the people for the people, controlled and represented by a global non-profit foundation. This is your chance to join the movement.

    The Rainbow Currency is globally accepted by many online shops as well as local points of sale (POS). Skip the bank and credit card fees, turn your mobile phone into an ATM, and make your payments with maximum privacy and security.
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    The Rainbow Currency is being accepted for all of your needs at a growing number of online and local businesses, thus earning it the name - Your Everyday Money.

    Our unique 2-wallet system gives you the safety and security you need along with the simplicity you desire.

    Join the Millions who are now choosing the Rainbow Currency difference!
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      Как купить монеты?