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The truth about Bitcoin's price manipulation...(?)

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  • The truth about Bitcoin's price manipulation...(?)

    This really is an interesting read about the price manipulation of Bitcoin (and gold/silver for that matter):

    Are you a believer? Or is it all just a coincidence according to you?
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    I need to read the article it is a long one. But I do believe that gold and silver has been manipulated and its price has been suppressed. Because they are both undervalued and its price has not corrected itself despite the tremendous hyper-inflation of fiat currency. So with that in mind it won't surprise me if Bitcoin also has manipulations from the elite either. But like I said I still need to read the article to see what it contends.


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      There are lot of factor to manipulate the price like i see in india we usually read in news paper that Govt are going to ban the criptocurrency and people are started to selling the coins and then in low rate big investor acquire the coin and sell them in higher rate and thats the game running always
      So what i mean there are many other factor to manipulate the price and its usually happen


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        Considering the knowledge that I already have on the "elite" and their financial manipulation I see no reason to doubt in those actions mentioned in the article.

        And this is %#" sick if it's true....again.
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          What do you think of this article and WHY are other publications silent about this?