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  • Buzzex free tokens

    I have 10 K adz in my SAS So my Question is..
    (1) To eligible buzzex free token I have to withdraw from SAS to adz wallet...?
    (2) Can I get free tokens against my diff. adz balance in diff. wallet..?

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    I'd say that they will be eligible for a buzzex token airdrop, as it was mentioned that everything on adzbuzz counts and they are definitely at adzbuzz


    • #3
      I think ADZ in SAS were the only ones that weren't automattically counted for the Buzzex tokens... So you'd have to withdraw them (they'd be withdrawn to your webwallet). All other wallets will be automatically calculated for the Buzzex tokens at a 5:1 ratio.
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        Do the buzzex tokens get credited for ADZ that are in the exchange wallet aswell ?


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          This is what survivor answered in our Telegram-group on which wallets are taken into account:

          "Any of the ADZbuzz wallets - web wallet, ad wallet, earnings et, exchange wallets."

          And about SAS:

          "The 10K bonus you get when purchasing SAS is available when you cancel your SAS. That's on the FAQ. "So if you want that counted, just cancel your SAS position before the cutoff. When you cancel a SAS position, the 10K ADZ gets added to your web wallet instantly"
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