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What pains you about e-mail marketing?

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  • What pains you about e-mail marketing?

    Hello, I am relatively new to this forum and am interested to learn what pains people about e-mail marketing.

    Whatever problem you have, what keywords do you use to find a solution in Google and do you find a solution?

    Thanks for reading

    Daniel Prescott

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    What pains me about email marketing is the cost. I spent last year building a list for the money making niche. What I found out was, it cost around $1 for each optin added to my list. The sad part was, I barely made any money from this list. I used dozens of different solo ad sellers and many facebook campaigns to build my list. I use a great follow email series of 30 emails. This was my experience, others may get different results.


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      Hello. I am interested to know what your plan was to realise a return on your investment and why it didn't work. Was it an ebook? A product? A service? Presumably the follow up series would get your potential customers from your lead sources to your eventual sales page. But why didn't those potential customers convert? Was the niche to general? The 30 email series to long? The message not relevant to those looking at it? What lessons did you learn from your experience?