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  • Problems with my community

    I created a community about advertising: I am having some issues with it which I would need help with:
    (1.) I didn't want the community to be 'kenmose', but advertising as that is what I intended discussing there. So, how do I change the name? (2.) Secondly, I have been unable to post there, or rather I find it very difficult; unlike other communities where you have Adzanounce window ready for posting.
    What can I do about these issues? Also, it seems people are finding it difficult to join the community.

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    You created your own blog not a community.
    your blog name is usually the same as your username. that's why it's called kenmose.
    you should understand that adzbuzz communities are not like facebook pages. you can't create a community of a certain topic directly.
    communities are linked to websites. you can create a community that's linked to a website which talks about advertising and and the community will get the same name as the website domain name.
    and to be able to own that community you will have to purchase it with your bonus wallet. (USD). it's a bit confusing i know. that's why i believe adzbuzz should add a getting started section for beginners to better understand the system.


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      Thanks for the clarification. So, even with blogs you still earn and people can still join?


      • lilou115
        lilou115 commented
        Editing a comment
        yes you can still earn by posting interesting articles on your blog. try to attract more followers by posting high value articles and keep your audience engaged. you will surely earn a decent amount of adzcoins daily.

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      is there a possible to rename the communityblog


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        Originally posted by edg24 View Post
        is there a possible to rename the communityblog
        Exactly. How about remaning the blog?


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          Originally posted by edg24 View Post
          is there a possible to rename the community blog
          Is not possible to change the blog name as this is taken from your username. maybe you can try changing your username by submitting a support ticket and give a good reason why you change the user name. and i hope this might help.


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            what i meant is i want my blog name the same with the community of that blog... but in my case my blog and the community of that blog is different name.. its possible to change the blog name its in the general setting..