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Let your social posts earn you lifetime income

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  • Let your social posts earn you lifetime income

    Do you share great posts in social media websites but you end up getting nothing from them?

    Do you know the guys who share such great contents?

    With Webtalk, you participate in revenue sharing for lifetime not only on the ads placed on your posts but also on the ads placed on the posts of your invitees.

    Every time an ad displays on a page, or in content such as a video, it creates an ad impression. These impressions will be tracked and given an average revenue generation per 100,000 impressions. Then commissions will be paid on them both to the person who created the content that drove the ad impressions, and to the people who invited the people creating the ad impressions.

    Another source of free revenue share is when your invitees view ads. When your invitees use Webtalk, they view ads and create ad impressions. You will be paid free affiliate commissions for the ads consumed by your invitees!

    In addition to revenue share based on ad impressions, you will participate in revenue share for other sources of website revenues when your invitees purchase them like subscriptions, self-service ads, job services and transactions.

    Revenue share aside, Webtalk has patent-pending communication and contacts management technologies that will make our internet world a better place

    Join for free here
    No need anymore to buy properties at market prices if you can buy them at almost half a market price and get paid commissions 5 generations deep with no job to do, nothing to buy