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  • Creating our own community

    The title kind of says it all. Are we able to create our own communities or only choose from the list provided.


    Edit: I noticed that my signature is still not showing up in my posts. Is this still a bug?
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    You can create a community for any site. Just share one post via Adzbuzzer and ADZbuzz will ask would you want to become the owner of that community.
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      Its not enabled yet, but soon i hope


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        He can create the community and delete the community from his list of owned communities. It will then become an unmanaged community.
        I hope I am not mistaken about this


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          Hi, people can become owner of any website's community. As Armin said, when a person shares a url through ADZbuzzer, if its community is not yet created then the person will be asked if they want to become the owner of the community and earn from it. If the person wants to, then they will be able to buy it. If the person does not want to become the owner, the community will be added to the list of unmanaged communities which anyone can buy later.

          The signature issue is yet to be resolved. We apologise for delay in this but it seems not an easy fix and developers are busy in completing the platform ASAP so that marketing campaigns can be started. This will be fixed though.
          Welcome to ADZbuzz!!


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            Hello everyone,

            Thanks for all the responses. Looking forward to starting my first community soon.