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Earnings for 9/10

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  • Earnings for 9/10

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone earned any coins for august 10th? Mine skips from 8/9 right 8/11. Let me know!

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    This has been discussed many times before. Sometimes the payments don't go through, but then they will be added to the next days earnings. Which means that today you received two days worth of earnings.

    And Jens made a post about this particular incident in the Lounge yesterday.


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      we have got payments for 8th and 9th of August without any delay. Yesterday(10th of August) we didnt get paid, becouse of cron mistake but we got it today(we got payment from 10th of August + todays payment).

      I hope i helped you

      Ps.: If you didnt get payment on 8th and 9th of August, it is your mistake, becouse you forgot to login in.


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        Whenever the revenue distribution system is not run and a day is missed you don't lose out for that day because the earnings just carry over.and the next time it is run you would receive all the earnings even for the missed days.


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          Yes as mentioned they are added the day after if they earnings didn't run for whatever reason this way. I mentioned the missed day here:

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          • Tarithel
            Tarithel commented
            Editing a comment
            If I'm not mistaken this was the first time you gave us a heads up on this issue beforehand and I think that was a very cool thing to do, so thanks for that. Of course the "older" members know about this issue already, but this is helpful for the newer members. Now if only we could get the newer members to check the lounge before "panicking" because of this issue ...

            Also the last time this was asked I made a suggestion for making a FAQ page for the common issues and some time ago you already informed us that suitable FAQ(s) are being worked on. So these questions should disappear when you guys get the FAQ page(s) published.