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  • ADZcoin new price milestone

    Hello everyone,
    I am sure you have seen the price of ADZcoin, but in case you haven't, here is the screenshot that made my day

    We could see the price gets to 10 cents for the second time (first time in a year or two time), which means we need x10 to reach 1$ for the first time! And x10 is not so uncommon in crypto world
    + daily volume of 45.000$
    What a day and time to be alive!

    I'd say price will go down in the next days, but just because we haven't presented anything yet, not even buyback and sadly we'll be able to buy less coins back as the price increased

    But seeing this price drives me crazy and I am so impatient to see what is going to follow
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    At one point during the day it was well over . 12 cents


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      Ofcourse i'm happy with current situation but at same time asking myself for reasons for this market behaviour.
      Are dreams to become reality this year?


      • andrazpezdirc
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        One big guy perhaps, as you can see that volume went to 50.000$ in a few hours.
        It's already correcting itself, but we need to wait for exchange and promos

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      It's very nice to see those increases with price, and volume. Has the buyback maybe started or is it the people who have heard about exchange being launched soon? This is all just a glimpse of how much the price will jump once the exchange launches any day now We are about to go to the moon for real!


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        Here's a reference post:

        If we can present our project to the world like this the sky is the limit really.
        Welcome To The ADZbuzz Project!

        Become A Gold Member Today


        • Praju123
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          Great post. It will attract many trader to adzbuzz.