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Best Way to Increase Search Engine Optimization

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  • Best Way to Increase Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is key points to drive your website, blog traffic through various methods. Which are the best method to improve of SEO through paid or free services ?

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    I tried SEO for 3 years and could never get a site on the first page. I used paid and free methods. From my point of view, it's takes a lot of time and money. Sure you can rank for low comp keywords, but traffic will be very little. Authority sites are the ones that rank the best. Not sure how to develop one of those. Each year that goes by, there is more and more competition. I get most of my free traffic from facebook and pinterest. Start a facebook page with your niche, join and get accepted to at least 10 facebook groups in your niche. Then each time you have a new post on your blog, post it on your facebook page and share it with the other groups. Here's a instruction pdf I made awhile back:

    No Cost Facebook Traffic

    This works best with evergreen niches. Niches that will always be of interest, sewing, crafting, cycling, gardening, woodworking...etc. Don't bother with any type of money making niches. Most CPC campaigns now a days will cost around $1 per click.I shared a post Fri Sat and Sun. Look at this free traffic. Blue is unique visitors.

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    Never post or share spammy content. Always share something people are interested in reading or viewing. As far as pinterest goes, just install the social media button plug in and share every new post to your pinterest account. Twiiter doesn't hurt either.


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      a long time ago i learned alot from this guy about search engine placing, and could always get a first page top 10, but that was before google monopolized everything... here is his site, he used to work with Bill Gates in the early Microsoft days before he went his way which was the hard way apparently...
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        SEO is probably the best way to get the organic traffic. And as long as Search engines exist (which will be the life of Internet I believe), SEO will always be needed. Of course search engines will alter their algorithms and keep improving in order to avoid the gaming. But all this alteration in most cases means the improved user experience. Users will get the better results for their keywords. However, I believe the first priority should be the quality of contents in the website and then the SEO. But it also depends on the purpose of the creation of website. If it's created with the mindset of earning money then SEO will be the priority for publisher.
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          Ok.. thanks for a unique answer regarding for SEO. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest play important role in generating traffic for particular keyword and content u post