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  • New mind-blowing smart tools to build your businesses

    There's a reason why Webtalk has surged to nearly 3M total users in an invite-only Beta over the last 9-months. It's the same reason why top Angel Investors like Paul Woodcock, who sold eHealthCare to HealthAxis for a very large sum, and many others have poured over $7MM into Webtalk since inception, bringing the company to its current $20MM valuation.

    Webtalk is incredible, and the company is still releasing back-to-back game-changing technologies after spending years in research and development.

    Two of the market-defining and patent-pending technologies already launched are Webtalk's SocialCRM and Magic Newsfeed.
    SocialCRM is a universal contact management system for personal, professional and business use.

    The best part is that it powers, and is built directly into, the 'connection' process of a dual personal and professional networking platform, making the process of managing contacts seamless.

    Imagine a Facebook, LinkedIn, Infusionsoft and Rolodex in one. This is what that looks like... First, you'll search and connect with users like you would anywhere else...

    But next is where the magic begins. You can choose to add the user as a personal connection, professional connection or both...

    If you choose personal, you have built-in personal groups offered on the spot for friend, family or acquaintance...
    This is an amazing tool for those who want simple segregation of friend, family and colleague relationships.
    The default setting for a professional connection is acquaintance.

    However, Webtalk also offers a built-in PRO premium feature 'Dealmaker' CRM service for managing investors, clients, colleagues, vendors, partners and even classmates. You can then connect those relationships to the companies on your profile...

    You also can turn ON 'PROSPECT' to get new CRM folders and channels for those 'prospective' relationships such as job candidates and customers.

    After you are done making these quick selections, you can add searchable tags, time-stamped notes and even inner/outer circle values...

    Tags are awesome!

    You can give a single user multiple tags that allow you to create groups-on-demand.

    Right now you can simply search your contacts by these tags, but soon Webtalk is rolling out a "select and message all" feature to instantly add them to a private group chat.

    For example, let's say you search your contacts for the name of your bowling league and it pulls 10 results. You'll then be able to put them all in a group chat with a custom subject/event/department channel name such as "2019 Tournament". Your group messages will be invite-only if you want to add others into the conversion later. Notes can be for personal and professional needs...

    This includes writing the names and birthdays of their family members, or writing down important notes from a conversation or business deal. Webtalk plans to allow PRO members to integrate a number of CRMs to export their contact data based on their labels, including all metadata and notes. Setting News Value is simple.

    Each time you log in, Webtalk will show the news from the people with a +5 score first, then displaying the lower valued news by ranking. This is your inner circle. The same applies for recommendation values when you do a recommendation search. It pulls the top recommendations from the people in your inner circle first.

    Managing your contacts just became FUN!

    Tags now become contact search filters YOU CONTROL. Plus a cool expanding file tree for your personal and professional connections helps filter your contacts even further. The best part is ONLY YOU SEE THE LABELS YOU GIVE YOUR CONTACTS

    Everyone else just sees your "Followers" and who you are "Following" like a Twitter or Instagram. When you want to edit a contact, simply mouse over it and click "edit contact' or "add notes".

    Webtalk's Magic Newsfeed is an absolute Game-Changer!
    When you post news on Webtalk you can...
    • Share Files, Photos & Videos
    • Post Public Blogs
    • Post to Professional Connections only (like LinkedIn)
    • Post to Personal Connections only (like Facebook)
    • Post to your custom Groups (like Slack)
    • Post to "only me" which stores it in your Webtalk free cloud storage (like Dropbox)
    • Post to Webtalk, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Slack at the same time (like Hootsuite)
    If you are a PRO member, you can also do what Webtalk calls a "Spotlight" posts which will send your target contacts an email and push notification of your news.

    Plus, Webtalk is working on adding live video, a blog editor, and even virtual meetings built right into the Magic Newsfeed. If that is not enough, Webtalk's Newsfeed filtering will blow you away!

    Not only can you filter your feed to display news from specific networks and groups, you can also choose what content you want displayed.
    • All Photos (like Instagram)
    • All Videos (like YouTube)
    • All Files (like Dropbox)
    You can also filter your feed by keyword on top of all that. This is truly a Magic Newsfeed that gives you complete control over your news.

    Soon Webtalk plans to introduce multi-user real-time collaboration tools built directly into the newsfeed. WEBTALK LAUNCHED ITS PRO FEATURE SERVICE THIS WEEK & ITS AN INCREDIBLE DEAL!

    The company is offering 50% OFF FOR LIFE to its Beta users on the most expensive and featured-packed PRO Platinum plan if you prepay for the year.
    Webtalk crammed the most popular premium features online, adding some of their own unique features, into a single universal premium service for one very low price...
    • Dealmaker CRM (sales, investment raising, recruiting, team and vendor management)
    • Premium Messaging (everyone looking to network can use this)
    • Spotlight Posts (every marketer can use this)
    • Remove Banner Ads & Advertiser Tracking (everyone on Webtalk can use this)
    • See Who Has Viewed Your Profile (great for dealmarkers and singles)
    • Stealth Profile Viewing (everyone will LOVE this)
    • Advanced Search (again, another universal feature for personal and professional use)
    After the discount is applied, its less than $17/mo for all of these features in the Platinum service. This is a small fraction of what LinkedIn charges without many of the valuable features Webtalk has. The least expensive package paid per month is only $20. Webtalk really is the SMARTEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY!

    In order to help get the word out about Webtalk, the company is paying 10% revenue share for life on advertising, PRO features and all revenue streams they plan to offer in the future as a referral reward incentive.

    Right now there is groundfloor opportunity for the first 1 million members whom at least one of their direct invitees has upgraded to an annual PRO package. These members will be paid not only 10% free affiliate commissions from purchases done by their direct invitees but also from their indirect invitees 5 generations deep.

    This means you will earn up to 50% of Webtalk revenues generated in your network of invitees 5 generations deep for life if you will be among the first 1 million people mentioned above.

    As you can see in the picture below, I have already qualified to be among the first 1 million people after one of my direct invitees upgraded to PRO Platinum package and I got 10% ($20) commission for that transaction:

    As you can see, you don't have to pay a dime from your pocket to get this groundfloor opportunity and it is not your job to sell this opportunity to your direct invitees. Webtalk will do it for you through communicating with all members in their newspage and through emails.

    This groundfloor opportunity has just started. We will soon be able to track the remaining slots in our Dashboard so that you know if you still have a chance to be in the first 1 million members.

    This is a huge deal for people with big online audiences because just one Insta or Twitter post saying "Follow me on Webtalk" with your new Webtalk profile link could drive in millions of new users resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions on a monthly basis.

    If any of your referrals begin to purchase ads like they do on other social media sites, you capture 10% of their entire ad budget for life! There are companies spending millions on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to purchase targeted ads.

    This is why Webtalk will certainly continue to grow.

    Webtalk is giving users control over their contacts, communication and content, then rewarding its users for inviting their contacts to an amazing product. It's a no-brainer.

    There are many cool features on the way that will make Webtalk to become one-stop -service center when it comes to social media functionalities as depicted in the picture below that compares a steady Webtalk (W) with other leading social media websites in the world.

    To understand further Webtalk business model, check out this Presentation.

    Join now here for free and start enjoying Webtalk free services and invite your relatives, friends and peers to monetize them for lifetime before others do the same.
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    No need anymore to buy properties at market prices if you can buy them at almost half a market price and get paid commissions 5 generations deep with no job to do, nothing to buy