You can now have all your social media services in one roof thanks to Webtalk next-generation social media website.

Gone are the days when you had to register into multiple social media websites to consume different relationship services. Webtalk integrates all such services into one place.

Webtalk has...
...a personal network (ie. Facebook)
...a professional network (ie. LinkedIn)
...a built in professional CRM (ie. Salesforce)
...built-in groups (ie. Slack)
...built in searchable tags creating sub groups and easy contact search (ie. Infusionsoft for personal and professional use)
...Built-in cloud storage (ie. Dropbox)
...Add contact values (segregate inner and outer circle relationships)

Newsfeed Filtering Tech
...Post/Filter Publicly with URLs (ie. Blogger and Twitter)
...Post/Filter by Network (personal and professional)
...Post/Filter by Built-In Groups (Custom channels)
...Filter feed by videos (ie. Youtube)
...Filter feed by photos (ie. Instagram)
...Filter feed by documents (ie. Google Drive) -note collaboration coming soon
...Filter feed by keyword (smart search with AI coming soon)

...Customizable header and layout (ie. Myspace meets
...Virtual resume (ie. LinkedIn)
...Recommendations to build credibility (ie. LinkedIn)
...Photo gallery (ie. Instagram) + shareable links
...Video gallery (ie. Youtube -coming soon) + shareable links
...File gallery (ie. Dropbox) + shareable links

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